All LenTalk requests in New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap releases for Nintendo Switch soon

There are 214 new Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap, and finding them all won’t be very easy. Lentalk Requests are a special task that you complete by taking photos of certain Pokémon in certain poses as part of New Pokémon Snap. These quests are often a great way to find hidden Pokémon as well as tons of other secrets. Each zone in the game has some, and this is true of the day and night variants as well.

These are all of the LenTalk requests you need to do in the New Pokémon Snap. Each area will have its own mix of requests, and many will require you to use the day/night cycle to get some of these done.

All LenTalk Requests in New Pokemon Snap

Here’s a list of every LenTalk Request in the game sorted by area:

Florio Nature Park (Day)

Florio Nature Park (Night)

Founja Jungle (Day and Night)

  • A Figure of Beauty
  • An Unusual Spot
  • Arbok Falls, Asleep
  • Bounsweet’s Amazing Journey
  • Cutting Moment
  • Dangling Metapod
  • Hard at Work in the Jungle
  • In the Tall Grass
  • Jungle Buddies
  • Making a Splash
  • Operation Be My Friend!
  • Resting Its Wings
  • Staredown for Venusaur
  • Tonight’s Dinner
  • Tree-Dwelling Pokémon
  • Triple Threat
  • What’s Your Favorite Pollen?
  • Where’s the Fruit?
  • Why So Still?

Elsewhere Forest

  • A Calming Air
  • A Moment’s Rest
  • A Pair of Chums
  • A Seasonal Gathering
  • A Tad Happy
  • An Airborne Boulder
  • Angry Drampa
  • Danger Warning
  • Egg Patrol
  • Flickering Flames
  • Gust with Gusto!
  • Heart of a Dragon
  • Little Lost Deerling
  • Milotic’s Mighty Leap (Illumina Spot)
  • Myth of the Forest
  • Sylvan Sentinel’s Secret Side
  • Upside-Down Hide-and-Seek
  • Weird Crossing
  • Winter Wonders

Sweltering Sands (Day)

  • A Finicky Flame
  • Lycanroc’s Reply
  • Munching Mandibuzz
  • Oasis Buddies
  • Onix’s Mighty leap
  • Sprinting in Surprise
  • Striking a Pose with its Tail
  • The Flying Cacnea
  • Totally Cool Tyranitar
  • Where Did the Fluffruit Go?

Sweltering Sands (Night)

  • Hide-and-Seek in the Desert
  • Kangaskhan’s Parenting
  • Rainbow Meteor Shower
  • Revenge of Silicobra
  • Roll and Stop

Fireflow Volcano

  • 3,000-degree Flames
  • A Goofy Pose
  • A Quaking Volcano
  • A Skilled Hunter
  • A Slice of Rainbow
  • Archeops at Ease
  • Climbing the Lavafall
  • Little Lost Shinx
  • Luxray Vision
  • Red-hot Energy
  • Rest your Wings
  • So Excited!
  • The Singing Dragon
  • Typhlosion Explosion
  • Volcanic Hide-and-Seek
  • Vocal Volcarona (Illumina Spot)
  • When Graveler Shows its Hand
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Blushing Beach (Day)

  • Hiding in the Sand
  • Most Marvelous Muscles
  • Near the Water’s Edge
  • Say Cheese!
  • Three in a Row
  • Wingull Loop-the-Loop

Blushing Beach (Night)

  • A Casual Gesture
  • An Easy Mistake to Make
  • Bigger! Even Bigger!
  • Fins Aflutter
  • Inkay by Moonlight
  • Sitting and Waiting
  • When Archenemies Meet

Maricopia Reef (Day)

  • A Bite for the Bully of the Sea
  • Adorable Water Spray
  • Bobbing for Fluffruit
  • If You’re Happy and You Know It
  • Returning to the Sea

Maricopia Reef (Evening)

  • A Mighty Rolling Leap
  • Drifting Drifblim
  • Mareanie’s a Meanie
  • Myth of the Sea
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Round and Round
  • Take One, Please
  • The Dancing Songstress
  • Voracious Vaporeon
  • Whirlpool Blast Off

Lental Seafloor

  • A Light in the depths
  • A New Way to Dance
  • A Ring of Bubbles
  • A Seven-Colored Glow
  • A Sunlit Cave
  • Favorite Hangout Spot
  • Golisopod Training
  • Lucky Four-Leaf Clover
  • Ready, Aim, Fire!
  • See Ya Inf-later!
  • Stirring Up Starmie
  • Swimming Clamperl
  • Swirling Energy (Illumina Spot)
  • To the Bottom of the Sea
  • Undersea Ballroom Dancing

Shiver Snowfields

  • A Safe Place to Sleep
  • A Sheer Face
  • Beyond the Wall of Snow
  • Dig Here, Swinub!
  • Dining Dewgong
  • Duel on the Snowfields
  • Fidgety Snorunt
  • Find the Perfect Timing
  • Frolicking Furret
  • Gazing Down on the Snowfields
  • Howling at the Heavens
  • Icy Armor
  • Icy Playground
  • In the Blizzard
  • It Jumped Out at Me!
  • Like Powder Snow
  • Message from a Friend
  • Present for a Friend
  • Proud Warrior
  • Shades of Aurorus
  • Skarmory’s Flying Show
  • Snowfield Hide-and-Seek
  • The Wrath of Mamoswine
  • Treasure-hunting Troupe
  • Whiteout
  • Wishing Upon a Shining Sky
  • With Their Powers Combined
  • You Can Do It, Vanilluxe!

Outaway Cave

  • Anger Outlet
  • Crobat Touches down
  • Croagunk Chorus
  • Having a Goodra Time
  • Hydreigon Berserk!
  • Look My Way
  • Gengar the Prankster
  • Noibat’s Refined Palate
  • Sound Asleep
  • Steelix Takes a Breather (Illumina Spot)
  • Take a Good, Hard Look

Ruins of Remembrance

  • Gracefully Gliding
  • Houndoom’s Breather
  • Just Perching Here
  • Myth of the Jungle
  • The Mysterious Heart
  • The Power of Xerneas (Illumina Spot)
  • Two Golurk

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