PSO2 New Genesis: How to Get Dualomite

How to get Dualomite in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

There are two reasons why you’d want to gather some Dualomite in PSO2 New Genesis. For one thing, it’s very useful to keep Limit Breaks pumping into your gear. This is great for quick powerups to your weapons. There’s also some rare items that you’re required to get as part of a quest. So here’s how to find these nodes. This stuff is a bit rarer compared to Monotite, and you will need a fair bit of it if you plan to get heavy into crafting.

You will first be introduced to the rare drop via Diggah, and NPC who really likes mining. This side mission is not necessary, but it can be exploited in a way. Players who really want to get a lot of farming done for Dualomite can have Diggah mark potential spawns on their map. And as long as you don’t actually turn in the quest, you can keep the marks on your map.

How to find and farm Dualomite in PSO2 New Genesis

Dualomite looks like a purple-ish jewel that will spawn out of jagged rock formations. It has a nice little sparkle on it, so it’s hard to miss.

It can be found in many different places. The best place to look is nearby to South Aelio. Start west of Mt. Piccoli. There will be tons of rock formations here that can be mined for this and other drops. Dualomite and Photon Chunks, can both spawn here, so keep your eyes open. The entire area called Balflow Falls can have these spawns, so run around the edge and look for giant crystals.

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It’s a very easy-to-navigate area, just run around the edge of the zone in any rocky parts, basically in a U-shaped pattern. You will eventually find some. So just head there and get farming!

The Dualomite nodes will respawn in a new area each time they’re mined, so you will not be able to run the same route every time. And since the respawn time is currently unknown, it can be hard to predict when the next node pops. Just keep at it, and you should have plenty by the time you’re done farming.

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