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Here’s the plan for Legion content in Path of Exile

Path of Exile Legion

So if you’re still playing POE Legion, you might be wondering what Grinding Gear Games is planning to do with the new content you’re enjoying. After all, The Domain of Timeless Conflict has been wonderful for farming in 3.7, and Path of Exile fans are curious what plans GGG has for the content.

Well, not content with just reworking this current content cycle for the release of Path of Exile 3.8 and Blight League this September, Grinding Gear Games is also putting in some changes to all of the major gameplay loops. So here are the full details:

Master Missions are being rebalanced to allow players to stack up master mission runs. It appears as though GGG will also allow players to increase the number of missions they can stack by completing multiple missions in a row.

Betrayal – The final Mastermind encounter provides a reward room for every member of the Immortal Syndicate, rather than just the ones in that branch, massively speeding up farming. This means that targeted farming is less powerful than just spamming members to level 3, at least in theory. It’s possible GGG will rebalance the rewards too, as they’ve also added Legion content to the drop pool.

Delve – The Delve content is being made a little more accessible. Ultra-deep delving is still the domain of hyper-glass-cannon builds, but players will be able to access rare Delve boss encounters a little easier in 3.8. And of course, Delve and Betrayal content will now be account-wide.

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Legion – The Legion expansion will be getting a rebalance to accommodate Legion content. All of the existing mechanics that can (Incursion, Delve, Betrayal, Sextants) now have a chance to roll Legion encounters in zones. Monoliths will now spawn in 10% of Maps.

Players will also see a number of changes in Legion rewards, as GGG put it:

To that end, we have increased the rewards for the first cycle of monsters, reducing them each revive cycle. Rewards from Legion Generals will not diminish, but the rewards from other monsters will diminish. We will not be adding a diminishing return for experience gained from the ongoing encounters.

Synthesis – Synthesis probably fared the worst among the playerbase out of these four leagues in terms of reception. The overly complex and RNG-reliant mechanics turned many off, and the Synthesized Rares had some potentially interesting, although annoying to obtain, modifiers. All in all, GGG will only bring this league back in a limited capacity by introducing a Zana modifier for boss encounters, and by reintroducing Synthesis Uniques back to the drop table. Players won’t have access to the Synthesizer or Fractured items.

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