The Division 2 Bounties Guide

How bounties work in The Division 2

Bounties in The Division 2 are a core gameplay mechanic, and you want to learn how they work. These are incredibly tough variant missions that send the player on a task to take down a special target. The reward for completing these Bounties is huge, as they are a major resource for max level farming. The loot from these missions is great for powering up when you hit level 30, so visit the bounty system often. The settlements and safe houses dotted around the map all have bounty boards in them.

Bounties are unlocked once you recruit Otis. This entails completing the Campus Settlement portion of the main campaign, so go do that first. Once you have that done, it’s time to take stock of both your own resources and your available targets. You won’t have many missions available at the start. You will need to head around the map looking for Intel. This is the resource you need to spend to unlock Bounties in The Division 2.

Basic Tips for Bounties in The Division 2

Bounties in the game are broken up into phases. Each phase increases in difficulty, so you better come prepared. Each bounty is broken up on the map with a symbol, surrounded by colored diamonds. Each diamond will have a faction symbol attached to it when you click the bounty. Although keep in mind that the location of these symbols DOES NOT indicate the location of the bounty itself. These icons do contain more information when clicked, like when they expire, so be sure to explore each one when picking targets.

How bounties work in The Division 2

The Division 2 Bounty Map

There are also daily and weekly bounties that unlock from time to time, make sure to be max level and have the story completed, as some of these more difficult and rewarding missions are locked behind progress of some kind. Weekly bounties show up on the map with a circle around them, as well as a red line heading to the icon.

Locked Bounties

Locked bounties spawn with a red icon, and clicking this icon will load a list of details about the targets, but not much else. These bounties are locked behind completing other bounties first.

To find the location of a target, you need to figure out where it is by completing the required missions listed.. Opening the map screen at any time can show you where these unlocked bounties are. There are connected threads on the map screen that show the path to the designated target, take note of this for your own safety.

Intel is another required resource in The Division 2, and you use it to unlock targets for the Daily, Weekly, and Clan Bounties. Every random event, as well as generic missions, can award intel to players who complete them. Explore around the various control points looking for high-end enemies and you can also earn some intel as loot for taking them down.

The travel time to the Bounty can be pretty dangerous, so be careful. If you drop on the way to the Bounties in The Division 2, the intel and time you invested will be lost. You can try again if this happens, but you will need to expend more time and resources. So be considerate of the zones bounties are found in as you will have to travel through dangerous areas.

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