SWTOR increases base number of character slots


In preparation for November’s United Forces server mergers, SWTOR is allowing players to have more active character slots. Free players will go from two to four slots, preferred players will go from six to 12, and subscribers will enjoy 24 character slots total. Additionally, the studio said that if subscribers end up with more than 24 characters after the merge, then they’ll be able to play them all.

Hey folks,

One of the questions that has come up regarding United Forces is character slots and what will be happening for everyone. After the update, it is possible that a player could have more characters than they have slots currently. For subscribers they will still be able to play all of their characters (even if they go over their slots) but they can’t make any new characters. We wanted to do our best to alleviate some of the issues for not only subscribers, but F2P and preferred status players as well. Here is what you can expect to see changed on November 8 alongside United Forces:

F2P players will have a default of 4 characters per server (up from 2)
Preferred players will have a default of 12 characters per server(up from 6)
Subscribers will have a default of 24 characters per server (up from 12)
The maximum character slots per server has been increased to 100 (up from 52)

These new slot numbers are separate from any character slots which you have purchased. For subs, we are basically adding 12 character slots per server to your account (by making the new default 24 instead of 12). Ex:

Today, you are a subscriber who has never bought any character slots, you have 12 character slots per server. After the update on 11/8 you will have 24 slots per server.
Today, you are a subscriber who has purchased 30 additional character slots, meaning you have 42 per server (12 default + 30 purchased). After the update you will have 54 (24 new default + 30 purchased slots)

This should give a bit of breathing room for players, especially if they played on more than one server which will be brought into a new server on 11/8.

Thanks everyone.


So in short, start thinking about which characters you want to keep post-merge.

But more slots isn’t the only thing announced for November this week, BioWare are also releasing new items such as the Deep Cover Operative’s Armor Set and a variety of Spoils of War Packs that contain new items.

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