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CCP Releases Lifeblood 1.8, Preps for December Alpha Rebalance


This next month is going to be hectic for CCP and EVE Online, yes, even more so than the last month with the mass layoffs at CCP.

This December, EVE Online is launching a massive addition to the current offering of Free-to-Play content. This major addition to the “Lifeblood” series of patches will allow free players access to a huge battery of new skills, ships and fits.

The short version is that Alpha clone players will be able to train up to 20.5 million Skill Points worth of skills.

Alpha clones will get a massive upgrade to their clones which will improve their quality of life. These changes include more skillpoints made available to them.

The general buffs being added to Alphas are as follows:

  • New available skills sets for Alpha clones
  • Tech II Small and Medium Weapons
  • Ability to cross-train all four factions
  • Battlecruisers
  • Battleships
  • Pirate Faction Ships
  • Train up to 20.5 million SP

Alphas will have the ability to cross-train factions, and the ability to use battlecruisers and battleships. There is a price tag attached to achieving all these skill sets and being able to train further then 5 million SP. From the day you hit 5 million Skill Points the only way to train further as an Alpha is to inject SP. In addition to the normal injectors and small injectors, Alpha clones will now be able to buy Daily Alpha Injectors from the market or PLEX store.

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These new Daily Injectors cost 20 PLEX, and only apply to Alpha accounts. This translates to about $0.90 USD if you buy the cheapest $4.99 PLEX pack, or ~$0.70 USD if you buy the $100 pack. Unsurprisingly, it’s much cheaper to simply upgrade to an Omega clone if you plan to play EVE long term.

Here are the basic rules for the Daily Alpha Injector:

  • Only one Daily Alpha Injector may be used per day, per character (resets at downtime)
  • May only be used by characters in the Alpha Clone State
  • Can be purchased in the NES for PLEX or purchased for your regions real money currency via
  • Can be activated to immediately to add 50,000 skill points to your character’s unallocated skill pool (roughly one day worth of Omega training)
  • Can be traded on the in-game market
  • Does not award Omega Status

Overall, these changes should be great for CCP. Assuming they help shore up stagnant player numbers and increase revenue, which one hopes that they do. Players will likely have to adjust to the new training options for Alphas, as well as the increased importance of recruiting and retaining Alpha players in their player groups. Although I expect EVE players are well versed in adaptation at this point.

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