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Elite: Dangerous Getting “Powerplay” Mission Updates


Frontier has released a few more details about what the forthcoming ‘Powerplay’ update will introduce and change in the universe of Elite: Dangerous. A combination of a new developer update post from Michael Brookes, and the latest Elite: Dangerous newsletter (#70) reveal some interesting things about mission restructuring.

Basically, missions will be getting an overhaul. Brookes notes in his post that “One of the limitations of the current system is that missions tended to be a good option for starting players, but not so much for endgame players.” Powerplay will introduce some Elite: Dangerous missions for players of higher ranks, or of certain status, to make sure there are mission option available for players beyond the early levels.

There are also plans to expand the impact of a pilot’s reputation on mission opportunities. This will, for example, “reward players who build a high reputation with minor factions”.

Brookes says Frontier has been working on the back end of the missions system since launch, and developing a method that allows the team to add new mission types and variations with more ease.

The latest newsletter adds that Powerplay will make “maximum loan value for rebuying ships scale with your Pilots Federation rank,” and allow Elite: Dangerous explorers to add multiple fuel tanks to their ships.

Both posts allude to the fact that the “main” thing about Powerplay has not yet been revealed, and will remain secret for another couple of weeks. Intriguing stuff.

Alongside all that news of future developments, today sees the launch of Elite: Dangerous patch 1.2.07. You can read the full changelog for that update over here.

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