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Wasteland 3 launches on May 19, 2020

Xbox Game Pass Adding Dozens of New Games

InXile Entertainment has joined Microsoft during X019 to announce the release date for their biggest upcoming release, Wasteland 3.

In Wasteland 3, you’ll be returning to command the Desert Rangers from previous games. The series began with Interplay’s PC gaming classic, the original Wasteland. Though the series quickly gained a following over the years, it laid dormant until 2014 with the release of Wasteland 2. The series improved on all the aspects laid down in the first game. The story was expanded with new characters and other elements, and plenty of conflict. Said wasteland is stalked by various mechanical horrors, rogue bandits and a ton of other dangers. Having to mow down the legions of dangers that exist in the game world is going to be even more fun in Wasteland 3.

To take on these new threats, you will need a ton of new weapons of a bunch of different kinds. All the  mutants and bandits alike will stand in your way, ready to blow you away. Giant robot scorpions and spiders roll across the wastes, created by a bunch of insane scientists with a death wish. Everything from typical modern munitions, all the way to futuristic electric weapons and other nonsense.

The player is in command of the Desert Rangers in an apocalyptic version of Colorado, a rough group of survivors. The environment has seriously started to degrade into a deep nuclear winter, and everyone is desperate. You have to fight back the hordes and try to make it through the story, but things won’t be easy.

The other announcements made today at X019 also clue gamers in to more games coming. Age of Empires 4 is headed to the service to bring some RTS action. Sega has teamed up with Microsoft to bring several Yakuza games to the Xbox, and even Squre Enix has some fun coming in with the inclusion of multiple Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy titles.

You can find the trailer down below. Wasteland 3 will be available on Xbox Game Pass. You can also pre-order on Steam.

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