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Does Demon’s Souls for PS5 have multiplayer?

Does Demon’s Souls for PS5 have multiplayer?

The upcoming Demon’s Souls remake is going to be a big seller. As a launch title there are going to be lots of gamers that want to hop back into the legendary FromSoftware world. The inception of the iconic “Soulsbourne” franchise that broke ground in the RPG genre began in 2009 on the PlayStation 3. The original version of the game was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, and that influence is clearly being felt her as well. BluePoint games and FromSoftware have been working on this game since 2016, hoping to deliver a faithful remake that does the power of the new hardware justice.

The remaster of the iconic PS3 title will be one game that fans have been waiting for. The years of waiting have left players wondering if there will be improvements made to the gameplay. One of the areas of concern for many players is the changes to multiplayer, and if there are any. Here’s what we know about the game so far.

There have been a few other details released aside from the multiplayer as well. We also know that the game will be a launch title for PS5. Demon’s Souls release on PlayStation 5 on November 12 for select regions and November 19 worldwide.

Does Demon’s Souls for PS5 have multiplayer?

Demon’s Souls for PlayStation 5 does have multiplayer, and it will support up to 6 players. PlayStation Plus is a requirement for online play, so keep that in mind. Though this is a singleplayer game by design, you and five other players can choose to tackle it in cooperative modes. This game will have the invasion system from the original as well, although with expanded scope. Instead of the PS3-era maximum of four players in a single game, you can now have three cooperative players and three invaders per game.

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There are still some details missing, but FromSoftware and BluePoint have yet to reveal everything going on with Demon’s Souls for PS5. We do know that the Soul Form mechanic is back. When you are killed in-game you enter Soul Form and can invade the worlds of other players.

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