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How to battle players in Temtem

How to battle players in Temtem

Temtem is live and is causing quite the storm of hype. The online monster collecting and battling adventure has seen thousands of players hopping into the game to catch and train monsters, taking on Dojos, and just trying to see who has the best Temtem team. A big part of the process of playing the game is battling Temtem. Temtem battles are very different compared to other RPGs in the genre. Rather than having just static NPCs or linked 1v1 Tamer battles, players can battle each other at any time in the open world.

As you travel across these six islands, known as the Airborne Archipelago, you will not only encounter other monsters to capture, but many other challenges as well. There’s quests and backtracking to unlock key items. The game has a wealth of NPCs to battle out in the various wild regions as well. Temtem battles, since they are 2v2, are also much more tactical compared to the likes of Pokémon.

And even though you can’t play Temtem offline, you can take on the challenge in co-op with a friend. And yes, there’s even a casual option if you just want to brawl with your friends to see who is the better Tamer. And with both casual and ranked play, there’s plenty of incentive to train against other players, here’s how to battle other players in Temtem.

Go into the game menu by pressing Escape. Scroll down to go to the Interact or Friends option, depending on who wants to battle. If you’re going to battle against a friend, you can find them on your friend’s list. If you’re going to fight a stranger wandering around in Temtem, go to the interact option. You should see a list of all the Temtem players in your area, and you can freely reach out to them to do battle.

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If you find yourself struggling in battles, maybe consider grinding up a bit and gaining some levels. This can be done a bit easier with the Coward’s Cloak, the item that shares EXP between your team members. Here’s a guide on where to find the Coward’s Cloak. Be aware though, you will need the Surfboard, here’s a guide on how to acquire the Surfboard in Temtem.

There’s tons of other complex systems in this game, so you will want to check out our other Temtem coverage for guides on all the content, like breeding, battles and more. If you want to see more of the breeding and battle systems in action, check out a pretty cool gameplay trailer down below.

If you’re one of those new players in Temtem, you might be a little lost. If you’re having trouble grasping game mechanics, we have some help for you. Temtem is a monster collecting game very similar to Pokémon, so the there’s the need for a type weakness guide. There’s also a guide on the Starter Temtems.

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