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Goat Simulator 3 announced, features online multiplayer

Goat Simulator 3 announced, features online multiplayer

Goat Simulator 3 is here, and you’re not going crazy, there is no Goat Simulator 2. Publisher Coffee Stain thought it would be perfectly on-brand for the franchise to skip ahead, to sew confusion and chaos. The original game was YouTuber-bait of the highest order. Featuring zany situations and broken physics to entice over-the-top reactions. And that and so much more will also be included this time. So seeing the game jump a sequel ahead kind of makes sense.

As fans of the series will expect, it’s an open-world adventure game. And with that new game comes a very big shift in the overall gameplay. No more will you be alone in your goated adventures. The new game will support full onlne co-op play. So you can hop around and bleat wth your pals, to heart’s content. And as you do that, expect tons of chaos to unfold, likely involving many explosions.

With that change, comes more of the typical marketing tone that fans have associated the game with for years—namely, being very dismissive. The new game’s creative director, Santiago Ferrero, said:

“Since the release of the first Goat Simulator, it’s come to our attention that it did not really represent reality and how it actually feels to be a goat. So for the past couple of years, we’ve been doing some googling, and I am pleased to say—we’ve made it. Goat Simulator 3 is by far the greatest goat experience out there. Is it worth the money? Who knows. But will you regret it? Probably.”

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Check out the new trailer for the game below.

The description reads:

“Pilgor’s baaack! Gather your herd and venture forth into Goat Simulator 3; an all-new, totally realistic, sandbox farmyard experience. Invite up to three friends in local or online co-op, create carnage as a team, or compete in mini-games and then not be friends anymore. Coming to Epic Games Store, Playstation 5, X Box Series X/S Fall 2022.”

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