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No, the new GTA Online teaser is not GTA 6

new GTA Online teaser

Let’s get this out of the way now, the new GTA Online teaser Rockstar just dropped is not their way of announcing GTA 6. Get over it. The new teaser just revealed is a major expansion for the GTA Online component of GTA V.  If there ever is another mainline Grand Theft Auto title, it’s likely years away. During 2020 with all the COVID-induced chaos, development has slowed to a crawl. Rockstar is slow-rolling this expansion announcement for a reason.

The reality of the situation is that Rockstar and Take-Two are making way too much money from GTA Online and its microtransactions to kill the golden goose anytime soon. Sure, the lack of single-player DLC has disappointed many fans, and it should, but business is business. And with a company like Take-Two, who is infamous for defending loot boxes and the like, things will remain this way.

And despite the ever-present trend of idiotic YouTuber clickbait, GTA 6 is not a thing—and if it ever is Rockstar would make it a much bigger announcement—so keep your speculation to a minimum here.

The ten-second clip shows a computer system opening the ‘El Rubio Dossier’, which is filled with a green-tinged set of photographs of landscapes, hints at some new areas. There’s mention of the Los Santos International Airport, suggesting travel. Some outlets have speculated that this tease is a way of letting us know a map expansion is coming, there’s no way to confirm that in the teaser itself.

The new expansion is likely still a ways out, and details are pretty scarce. GTA V could definitely use some new content that isn’t online-only vehicles, so this is still good news. The game has been entirely focused on weekly challenges and content drops into multiplayer for far too long. The most substantive drops are Heists, which offer short but ultimately not long-term, fun.

If there’s more news to be had, the Rockstar newswire would tease some other details that let us know what’s coming.

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