All Raft cheats and console commands

How to use cheats and console commands in Raft

Raft is yet another crafting and survival game. Players can be challenged to hunt down food and survive, all while exploring an expansive game world. There are tons to find, and it’s all randomly generated. Players have to manage all their stats and hunger during their adventures too. But if you get too overwhelmed, things can be made a lot easier. You can use Raft cheats and console commands to make the game much easier. These codes will allow you to become immortal. These codes can also control the world.

Here are all the currently active Raft cheats and console commands.

Raft cheats and console commands

This first set of commands is all about adding your attributes and altering them. Players can lock their health and other stats, as well as handling hunger. You can set your gamemode to creative to make things much easier to craft, that’s cool for experimentation. Finally, you can also lock your FPS too.

  • /set hunger X
  • /set thirst X
  • /set blockhealth X
  • /set bonushunger X
  • /set gamemode X
  • /set fps X
  • /set oxygen X
  • /godmode
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Now, you have some console commands that allow players to spawn various beasts. You can spawn animals to gather resources from, as well as fight them. And if you’re out in the world and want to force the spawn of landmarks to speed up game progress, there are codes for that as well. The last few codes can also be used to remove landmarks if you spawn them in.

  • /spawn shark
  • /spawn pufferfish
  • /spawn stonebird
  • /spawn llama
  • /spawn goat
  • /spawn chicken
  • /spawn boar
  • /spawn landmark_big
  • /spawn landmark_pilot
  • /spawn landmark_raft
  • /spawn landmark
  • /clear “item or animal”
  • /shift

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