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World of Tanks 10-year celebration begins

World of Tanks 10-year celebration

With the World of Tanks 10-year celebration looming, the stage is set for all 160 million players of this hyper-realistic and super-fun wargame to get back into the action. OK, maybe not all 160 million, but the developer is hoping to lure many players back into the game with a celebratory event for the anniversary of their game.

The event will be made up of several smaller events, rewards for playing, and other bonuses. Players can expect festivities to begin Wednesday, April 22. And here’s the kicker, the celebration is set to span the next four months with different events taking place over that timeframe. The series of events for the World of Tanks 10-year celebration is split into Acts. Each one will take place over a certain time period, and feature certain conditions and awards for players.

World of Tanks fans can look forward to plenty of themed activities, missions, throwbacks, and prizes that can be won across the event. Each Act will correspond to certain milestones in the game’s history, and Anniversary Coins — which can be exchanged at the in-game anniversary store — will be available to earn and traded in for new cosmetics and valuable items.

Open Chat will be implemented back into the game, allowing for maximum meme barrages and other nonsense just for the sake of good harmless fun.

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Those who take part in these events in the first week can expect to earn a few unique rewards. There are multiple skins and 3D art up for grabs throughout the anniversary, with the first being a 3D variant of the T30 tank destroyer.

Check out a trailer previewing some of this content and more down below.

The first Act begins at 1:30 AM ET and 6:30 AM BST on April 22, or 10:30 PM PT on Tuesday, April 21, depending on what region of the world you live in. This Act will run until Monday, May 18 when it’ll end at 1:00 AM ET and 6:00 AM BST, or 10:00 PM PT on Sunday, May 17.

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