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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Big Crafting Changes Coming in Fallen Empire


The Star Wars: The Old Republic dev blog has been updated with a new post detailing some of the streamlining coming to the crafting system when the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion goes live on October 27 2015.

The team indicated three main goals to make crafting more viable throughout the game:

  • Balance the Crafting skills so that the benefits of all Crafting skills are relatively equal
  • Improve the quality of Crafted items so that Crafting is a valid method to gear yourself
  • Ease the barrier of entry making Crafting easier to understand for our newer players

To accomplish each of these goals, several key areas have been addressed: general crew skill changes; crafting skill changes; elder game crafting; and harvesting and mission skill changes.

With the alterations to the crafting system boiling down to an attempt to make the complex system more accessible. The biggest change is the removal of many materials from the game. These materials are being combined into new materials to further streamline crafting SWTOR.  As an example, the team wrote, “Plasteel is being removed from the game. If you have 100 Plasteel when Fallen Empire launches, it will turn into 100 Plastoid.”

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You can read the full post about crafting changes on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site.

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