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Rocket League getting some sun with Radical Summer event

Rocket League Announces Radical Summer Event

So Rocket League has had an interesting few months. The company was bought by Epic Games, and made a pretty expected jump to the Epic Games Store. The studio has been steadily working on new content for their flagship title, and now we get to see the fruits of that labor.

And things are about to heat up as Psyonix is getting ready to launch the next season of new content for the game. The newest themed event for the sport racing title will be called Radical Summer, and in addition to some sunny elements, it’s embracing some choice 80s culture.

The Radical Summer event will have three phases, each offering their own batches of new content themed around different elements. Each phase will have it’s own limited-time game mode as well, once again themed after the main content release for that segment.

The first batch of new content will arrive on June 10th, bringing with it a load of nostalgia and fun. Players can expect items inspired by the likes of Ghostbusters, Knight Rider, Back to the Future, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, The Goonies, Voltron, Karate Kid and more. There’s even some old-school WWE wreslting stuff thrown into the mix.

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The type of content looks to be mostly themed around either new decals or premium DLC cars. The decals will cover a bevy of different iconic brands and franchises, but the real draw is two new cars being dropped. There’s going to be one car modeled after Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters up first. This will be followed by K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider at a to-be-announced date later in the event. That first Ghostbusters phase will also introduce Ghost Hunt mode as a limited-time game mode.


The following two phases will kick off later this Summer, with 80’s Culture leading the charge from July 1 to July 22. This will bring more custom cars and decals, as well as Spike Rush mode. The final phase will be called 80’s Television and will run from July 22 to August 22. This phase will bring Beach Ball mode to the forefront.

Rocket League is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch. More information can be found on the Rocket League website.

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