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Here’s the trailers and news from EA Play 2018

EA Play at E3 2018

Well, that’s the first major event for E3 2018 over and done with. And EA may have some good games on their hands, but relatively little in terms of gameplay was actually shown. There are some teasers from things like a new Star Wars game from Respawn, and some new services for EA games though. If you want to see the full conference, go here, otherwise here are the highlights. And the trailer are also down there too.

EA Play News Highlights

  • Unravel 2 was announced, the co-op sequel is available now.
  • Battlefield V will be getting a battle royale mode, no loot boxes though.
  • Command & Conquer Rivals is a mobile Command and Conquer MOBA game, sigh.
  • Respawn is working on a new Star Wars game called Jedi Fallen order releasing late 2019.
  • Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will get Clone Wars content with four new heroes, a dogfighting mode, and an improved squad system.
  • Origin Access Premier will grant access to new games prior to release which will include hundreds of titles.
  • Anthem will not have loot boxes but there will be microtransactions.

EA E3 2018 Trailers


Battlefield V – Multiplayer trailer

FIFA 19 – UEFA Champions League is coming this year.

Sea of Solitude

Unravel 2 – This is out right now!

Command & Conquer Rivals (Mobile game)

Origin Access Premier

Madded 19 – It’s actually coming to PC!


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