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Starpoint Gemini 3 details its new characters in newest dev diary

Starpoint Gemini 3 Announced

The newest developer diary for Starpoint Gemini 3 is out, and has revealed how the developers plan to create a much more living world with a whole stable of new characters. As we saw in previous developer diaries for the new space sim, LGM Games want to make the best possible game that they can. Since the game was first announced with a stunning gameplay trailer, fans of the genre have been waiting with bated breath for more details, now we have a bit more knowledge about the characters that will inhabit the more story-driven world of this latest entry in the franchise.

The first dev diary detailed a bit about the story, one written with the help of veteran sci-fi writers, while the second talked all about the technical challenges of creating the game, owing to the choice the team has made to use their own custom engine for the project, as they have done with previous games. And now, the team is letting gamers and fans see more of both elements in the newest diary.

Making characters isn’t an easy task, especially when you’re doing it from scratch for a game with expansive pre-established lore and factions. The already complicated story of the Starpoint Gemini franchise will only get more so with Starpoint Gemini 3, but players will have a few hands to guide them through the chaos. And instead of relying on more tropish writing to tell the story of this title, the developers have another plan in mind, “But instead of offering aliens as a mere additional variable in the global scale of events, we wanted to give players a chance to really meet them face to face. See them firsthand, talk to them, observe how they adapted to living in mostly human populated territories,” the developers said in the diary.

The post also talks players through the process of designing meaningful interactions and plot lines that both immerse the player and build up the story. A story that the player will shape through their own actions. As you make or break alliances and friendships, the consequences could be dire.

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The goal of creating a rich and living world filled with conflict, consequences and interesting life is a challenging one, but all the signs are pointing in the right direction, showing that LGM has the task well in hand.

No release date for Starpoint Gemini 3 yet, but LGM says it coming out soon via Early Access on Steam.

Source: LGM Games on Steam

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