Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2020 – Titan Armor Challenges and Quests

Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2020 – Titan Armor Challenges and Quests

The Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2020 is live. The new event sees the return of Eva Lavante to the Tower, bringing with her some very interesting new content. Players will want to complete the various challenges Eva gives out, in order to earn some snazzy new armor sets. The information has now been datamined, showing off what Bungie has planned for the event.

Players will find a variety of new armor sets to grind for. You’re going to be playing pretty much any and all of the currently available game modes a fair bit. This big batch of challenges gives players a set of armor to grind for with each of the three Guardian classes. You will be running around from the EAZ to the rest of the game world looking for activities to do

When you start completing these activities, be sure to visit the statue of Heroes in the tower and meditate there to unlock each armor piece.

This first guide will run through each of the armor pieces for the Renewed and Majestic armor sets. These two will be based on sets for Titan players, expect other guides for the other classes as well.

Renewed Armor Set

Solstice Helm

  • Complete a run through the EAZ
  • Land precision final blows
  • Defeat Hive enemies
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Solstice Gauntlets

  • Defeat enemies in the EAZ
  • Get super kills against enemies in the EAZ
  • Defeat enemies in the EAZ using an Arc Subclass

Solstice Plate

  • Complete 5 Adventures
  • Collect Solar Orbs in Strikes
  • Defeat other players in Crucible or Gambit

Solstice Greaves

  • Complete 5 Public Events on Nessus
  • Collect Void Orbs in the Crucible or Gambit
  • Unlock 10 Solstice Packages

Solstice Mark

  • Collect Elemental Orbs in any activity
  • Complete 5 playlist Strikes
  • Complete 5 Crucible or Gambit matches

Majestic Armor Set


  • Collect elemental Orbs using a matching subclass
  • Complete 10 Gambit matches
  • As a team, defeat Guardians in the Crucible or Gambit using Arc weapons


  • Complete 10 Heroic Public Events
  • Defeat enemies with abilities
  • Defeat 20 bosses


  • Defeat enemies in Strikes with the daily subclass
  • Defeat enemies in the EAZ
  • Defeat Fallen with the subclass of the day


  • Defeat enemies with elemental damage
  • Collect Void orbs in any strike
  • Defeat enemies with Solar melee attacks


  • Complete 5 Patrols on Io
  • Collect elemental Orbs in the EAZ
  • Defeat enemies with Solar weapons
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