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How to get Void Traces in Warframe

Warframe Beasts of the Sanctuary 7

Void Traces in Warframe are actually pretty important. Whenever you run a Void mission in the game, you have a chance of a random Void Relic dropping. These items contain a variety of rare blueprints, but first, you have to “crack” them to roll on the loot inside. You can, if you wish, infuse Void Traces into the Relic to increase the chances of the rarer items dropping. This refining process is key to getting the best drops most efficiently, and players will often work on getting plenty of Relics and Void Traces in Warframe stocked up so they can open as many Relics as fast as possible.

What are Void Traces used for?

Here’s the breakdown of how many Void Traces you need to refine for each tier of Relic. Each tier has a drop table assigned, with the highest tier Radiant having the best chance of dropping the best loot from the Relic.

  • Exceptional – 25 Void Traces
  • Flawless – 50 Void Traces
  • Radiant – 100 Void Traces

Void Traces are used to make Dragon Keys, which need 10 Void Traces per key. These Keys are used to open doors in Orokin Vaults, and they can only be used once. This means you need a steady supply of these items.

The main source of Void Traces in Warframe is Void Fissures in missions. Each day in Warframe the Alerts tab in the Star Chart will update with a selection of four Void Fissures for each Relic type. Look in the upper right of the Star Chart screen if you’re lost. From there, you will be tasked with completing a mission while also killing corrupted enemies to collect Reactant. Completing the mission while also collecting 10 Reactant allows you to open your chosen Relic and get a loot reward. Each player in the mission also gets to choose a reward from the pool of open Relics as well. You will also get a small batch, as many as 30, Void Traces. You can also get another five Void Traces if a player picks the item you opened.

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There is an upper limit to how many Void Traces you can keep stored in your inventory. So you need to constantly be crafting Dragon Keys or Refining Relics to make your Relic cracking efficient. The limit is currently set at your Mastery Rank X 50 + 100. So someone of MR 10 will be able to store 600 Void Traces in Warframe.

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