Sea of Thieves daily bounties June 22 to 28

Can you play Sea of Thieves solo?

Sea of Thieves daily bounties are back again this week, Rare has made things much more fun and interesting to take on some skeleton buddies with your living pals. The Sea of Thieves daily bounties each yield some small reward of either Gold or Doubloons. Players can then take these and trade them in for various cosmetics and other items to deck out themselves and their ships.

The overall difficulty of the events feels really interesting and varied. There’s some challenge in the tougher stuff. The challenges also include a bunch of funny stuff as well. So if you’re into just having fun with Sea of Thieves it’s a good idea to return and polish these off.

If you want more details about these challenges, check the Event Hub on the Sea of Thieves’ official page. And if you want to get a headstart on completing all of the Sea of Thieves daily bounties, here they are:

  • June 22: Burn 3 skeletons at once – 5 Doubloons
  • June 23: Find Wanda’s Journal on Sunken Grove – Doubloons
  • June 24: Play a shanty aboard your ship while it sinks – Doubloons
  • June 25: Cash in a Chest of Rage – Gold
  • June 26: Throw vomit on an enemy who is holding a sword – Doubloons
  • June 27: Complete any Shores of Gold Tall Tale – Gold
  • June 28: Eat every kind of fruit – Doubloons
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