How to Complete the Full Glam Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Full Glam Challenge in BitLife

The new weekly challenge is here for BitLife fans. This weekend you have a new digital life to live, and unique cosmetic item to earn for doing so. The Full Glam Challenge in BitLife is live, and it’s a pretty fun one to get done. You will be spending life on the more glamourous side of tracks, so get your makeup on and get ready. There’s a few steps here that may confuse some players, and that’s where this guide comes in. Keep reading to learn how to complete the latest BitLife challenge.

How to Complete the Full Glam Challenge in BitLife

To complete the Full Glam Challenge in BitLife, players will need to achieve the following steps in a certain order, but you can get them done in your own time. You have the next few days to get this challenge done, so don’t rush yourself.

A lot of the steps in this challenge hinge on becoming famous, so that’s the first thing you need to work on. For the core of the challenge, there’s a set path you need to use. In other challenges, you could become a famous chef or other star, not so here. You need to specifically become a social media star this time around. You can make your social media accounts once you age up to 13 in-game. Go into the Assets tab, then click Social Media. Make an account for all of the listed platforms and you’re ready to get to work.

How to become a social media star while working as a makeup artist in BitLife

Then, you need to find the right job and keep focusing on making more content for your online presence. You can post content at a young age, but it’s unlikely to make you go viral right away. The extra few years are just to get some extra followers before you graduate. Once you get through High School it’s time to look for a job. Head into the Occupation tab and Select Full Time Jobs. You want to look for  Apprentice Markeup Artist. If it doesn’t show up right away, age up to refresh the job listings. Take the job, then start working at becoming famous fuill-time.

The idea is to keep posting content on all of your accounts until you go viral enough times. The game tracks your fame internally, and once you hit a certain threshold, you unlock the full Fame menu. The key is to pick a niche and stick to it. If you’re posting skit videos, don’t suddenly swap to unboxings or video games, doing so will tank your growth. Posting 3-6 times per age up is a good rule. Just be careful not to post too much. If you start losing followers, switch to a different account and do the same rotation. Each time you finish your rotation, age up and do it again.

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Once you’ve gone sufficiently viral and have at least 20,000 followers on a few of your accounts, it’s time to start seeking out brand deals and other monetization.

How to earn $1 million by advertising on social media

You have lived the grind lifestyle and unlocked the Fame menu, now it’s time to reap the rewards. This step is pretty basic, but heavily dependent on RNG. You need to have a bit of luck in addition to constantly growing your following. The idea is to always be posting, and don’t pester advertisers too much.

You need a lot of followers to make a ton of money, so consider spending a few years growing your following before trying to earn the $1 million. Using the Fame menu to make magazine appearances and other public demonstrations of your stardom is a good idea as well. You could buy followers, but this has a high chance of getting your account banned, so be very careful with it.

To look for brand deals and other opportunities, go into your Social Media accounts and click the Promote option. you will be presented with products to promote to your followers. Try and pick something consistent with the niche of your content. If you’re doing skits, try and find something fun that meshes with that. A window will popup telling you how your followers reacted to the deal. You will also find out how much money you made from this venture. Keep doing this for a few years, while also posting more content, and you should have $1 million in no time. Also, don’t promote too many things on your accounts, stick to maybe 1 or 2 products a year. Too much advertising and you will start to lose followers.

You then need to spend some of that money on plastic surgery. Visit the Plastic Surgery section under the Activities tab. Choose the Nose Job option to get this step done. In a similar vein, the five rounds of Botox can also be found here via the Botox option. While doing the other steps, keep making money and content and you’ll be golden.

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