How to become a famous DJ in BitLife

How to become a famous DJ in BitLife

The much-anticipated Business update is live this month in BitLife, and that has brought back a ton of players, all eager to test out the new features and explore the digital world.  There’s also a new weekly challenge each week to help bring players back into the game. This week, we’re getting fabulously bloody, pretty fitting for the Halloween season. For this particular challenge, called the Murder on the Dancefloor challenge, you need to be a famous DJ in BitLife. This is pretty easy to do once you know the steps, here’s how.

How to become a famous DJ in BitLife

When you want to get a particular job in BitLife, the process is pretty much the same. You need to build up your stats to focus on the job you want for starters. A singer needs good Vocal skills, and an athlete needs good Mind & Body stats. You’re very lucky this time around though, as you just need average stats to get this job. That’s because, unlike most jobs, there is no huge stat requirement for becoming a DJ.

The job is a random appearance in the Occupation tab, so keep refreshing it until you see the Disk Jockey job. Once it comes up, click on it and apply. The trouble is that getting it to appear is random. You don’t need a college degree or anything, just a bit of luck. If you can’t get it, try aging up your character to refresh the job list. You could also close and reopen the app to see if that helps. Being famous may also help here.

Signing up for a Social Media account like Instagram or Facebook will help in this regard. To do this, head under the Assets tab, then choose Social Media. You can make an account for each site listed there.

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Going viral on social media is a great way to get famous. The biggest trick here is to be consistent. Keep posting the same kind of content per each account. If you’re posting gaming videos on YouTube, don’t suddenly pivot to skits or your lose your following. Make sure to keep regularly posting content to try and grow your fame. Getting the fame meter unlocked is crucial here. Posting on each social media account a few times per in-game year is key. Usually, 5-8 times is a good number. If you see your follower and like counts go down after posting a piece of content, stop posting for that year and move on to another account.

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