How to take voice lessons in BitLife

How to complete The Elf Challenge in BitLife

We’re back with a new challenge this week in CandyWriter’s BitLife. With Christmas on the horizon a new challenge has landed. Players will have a big series of things to do, all revolving around being a big ole’ Christmas elf. The process is pretty complicated. But once you know what you’re doing it’s actually pretty easy. The game makes a lot of steps hidden in menus, so things can be kind of hard to figure out. The Elf Challenge in BitLife is the new one this week, and it involves being festive and cheerful. For one step, the player must take voice lessons in BitLife for a total of 50 times.

How to take voice lessons in BitLife

Since this challenge is based on a very specific film, singing and writing talent are key. Players have to cultivate both these talents and them put them to use for the holidays. The voice lessons in BitLife part of the challenge is pretty easy. This process is probably the simplest one to get done. The process can be done at any time in your gametime.

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You need to take 50 total voice lessons in BitLife, which means you will want to pack as many in as a kid as you can. Taking 50 will cost a lot of money, ranging from around $1,500 to $2,500 for each lesson. That’s a lot of cash. So by getting your parents to pay for as many as you can, will help you wrap up the weekly challenge.

You need to take 50 total voice lessons over the course of your digital BitLife experience. Take Voice Lessons via the Activities menu when you first get to schooling. You can take these by going to the Mind & Body tab and scrolling down and clicking on Voice. Now, just do that 50 more times and you’re done.

Now, you can move on and complete The Elf Challenge in BitLife.

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