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Apex Legends launches Season 1 Battle Pass

Apex Legends

It’s finally the time to reveal the first Battle Pass for the massively popular battle royale titan, Apex Legends. With the launch of this new Wild Frontier update, Respawn has pushed out a new rewards system to  the popular shooter, and a bunch of new content.

The biggest new addition is of course the newest Legend player character, Octane.

Octane is dropping into the brawl  and bringing some interesting new weapons and abilities into the game. The new Apex Legends Hero is built on speed, so he’s a fast-moving demon of destruction. One of his most unique features is a new Tactical ability, which sacrifices his health for even more speed and ease of movement.

A few clarifications are in order though for this Battle Pass. For one thing, the two tiers of the Battle Pass don’t contain different content, but the paid version will unlock all 100 of the rewards a bit faster. Free players have to grind out levels a fair bit more to unlock all 100 rewards. It’s also important to note that several of the Battle Pass rewards are Apex Coins.

The rewards included are things like skins, badges, sprays and other cosmetic items which players can snap onto their characters. There are up to 100 levels of rewards. Players can earn these freely by grinding out levels and manually unlocking each reward. Players who pay for the full Battle Pass can unlock all 100 rewards simply by attaining the proper level.

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Here is the pricing for the Battle Pass and the Battle Pass Bundle:

  • Battle Pass: 950 Apex Coins. If you have no coins currently, it would require purchasing 1,000 Apex Coins for $10.
  • Battle Pass Bundle: 2,800 Apex Coins. If you have no coins in your balance, it would require purchasing 4,000 Apex Coins for $40 dollars, since the next lowest tier would only be 2,000 Apex Coins.

And of course, there’s also been some minor tweaks to the gameplay in other areas. For example, hitboxes for Gibraltar, Caustic, and Pathfinder (the three with the largest hitboxes) have been reduced to better fit their character models. Other heroes like Bangalore have had their movement speed reduced.

Respawn also released a trailer showing off some of the new content and changes in the Battle Pass, check that out below. If you’re just getting the game, go check out our basic guide on movement and tricks to succeed in this new shooter.

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