How to Chop Birch Trees in Valheim


As you get deeper into Valheim, you will encounter both tougher bosses and environmental obstacles. The game breaks progress up into various biomes, but also adds various challenges along the way. When players encounter new recipes via the crafting system, they will often also need to seek out new resources. This means having new tools to harvest said resources. One such more advanced resource is Birch Trees. Here’s what you need to do to cut Birch Trees in Valheim down.

Sometimes, you will try to chop down a tree for various types of wood and get a Too Hard message. This is the game telling you that the tool you’re using isn’t powerful enough to cut the tree, or harvest the item, and you need something better, So that’s where tool upgrades come in. To handle these big Birch fellas, you need a better axe. To cut them down, you will need a Bronze Axe.

How to make a Bronze Axe

Firstly, you need a pickaxe to gather ores. After you have at least the basic variant, you need to hunt for Copper and Tin. These are found in the Black Forest, nearby to water. You need to take these two ores and smelt them together to make Bronze. You then need the following resources to craft a Bronze Axe:

  • 4 Wood
  • 8 Bronze
  • 2 Leather Scraps
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You will also want to upgrade your workbench to be able to unlock the new recipes you need to progress. You will also have to have built a smelter to make the bronze. The Smelter uses 2 Coal per Iron or Copper ore to smelt one bar.

How to make a Bronze Axe in Valheim

Now, you’re ready to start chopping down all the Birch Trees in Valheim you can find. Take that shiny new axe out for a spin and get chopping. You will be a Viking god in no time. And if you’re having too much trouble, you could also use cheat codes in this game, if that’s your thing.

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