Where to farm Glacial Starwort in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 - Dawning 2021

Glacial Starwort is a Planetary Material, which means it has a very specific use in Destiny 2. Glacial Starwort in Destiny 2 is used as one of many specialized currencies in the game. Once you collect it, you can take it to the likes of Banshee-44 or The Spider to trade it for various items. Here are the best ways we know of when it comes to farming it.

Where to farm Glacial Starwort in Destiny 2

Glacial Starwort is not found just anywhere in the game, and you’re going to have to work for it. These special items are only found on Europa, so that’s where you need to head. Similar to other Planetary Materials, you will have several options when it comes to Glacial Starwort farming on Europa. The best method that we can find is to focus on the various public events and lost sectors. Look for the glass canisters scattered around. These can contain various planetary items. You can also find them by doing Europa Bounties for Variks.

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So to recap, here are the possible sources for various planetary items:

  • Chests from Public Events, powerful enemies, or mini-events
  • Planetary Bounties in each destination
  • Random resource nodes

It spawns randomly from chests and the like, so you’ll have to do some hunting for it. You will know you have found it when you see a small green plant inside of a glass case with black and red stripes on top and bottom. If you Masterwork your Ghost Shell you will be able to put a couple of useful mods on it that will help you track down these resources. They might also be marked on the HUD, so keep an eye out for that.

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