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Project Zomboid

Because of how important skills and progression are in Project Zomboid, it’s important to know how to improve your character. The zombie-filled environs are pretty dangerous, so you don’t want to get caught unprepared. You need to have weapons and a safe place to retreat to, at a minimum. That means you’re going to need tools and materials. Being able to slow down the tide of the undead is very important. And not only that, but you’re going to need a place to sleep and stay safe. And even If you’re playing in multiplayer, your friends won’t always be there to help. In Project Zomboid you’re going to have to find someplace safe, and that’s the purpose of Safehouses in Project Zomboid.

A safehouse in Project Zomboid is a place where the game will not spawn new zombies. That’s the biggest positive in any run of this game. Knowing that zombies won’t suddenly spawn in your greenhouse or your bathroom adds some peace of mind. Depending on the settings of the server you may even be able to respawn your character there after they die. If you’re on a more hardcore game, you might only get one life, so be careful. The addition of multiplayer servers has also added the potential for a player to steal from you or claim your safehouse after you die. Server settings can also be altered to disallow this practice. This way, players can rest assured that they won’t find their claimed safehouse having been raided on their next login.

How to Claim a Safehouse in Project Zomboid Build 41

Picking a good location for your Safehouses in Project Zomboid is vital. You want to be safe from urban areas, which house a lot of zombies. But also, you need to be close to resources. But once you’ve found the ideal location, you have to undergo a process to claim it.

The first thing to do is get on the ground floor of the house or structure you’re claiming. Then, right-click the floor of the building. Now, select the option Claim Safehouse. This will assign this house to your character. A thing to note is that once you’ve claimed one safehouse, you will not be able to claim another.

When you claim a safehouse, you may notice a new icon on your UI, this is the safehouse panel. To remove a safehouse you have previously taken over, you can go to the safehouse panel. Click the small icon which reads Client on the top right of your screen, this will open up various user options on that server. Within that panel, there is the Safehouse option. Click that to bring up the actual config panel for your newly claimed home.

Once you have claimed the safehouse, it’s time to make it secure and livable. Putting in the work to barricade windows in Project Zomboid is just the start. You need items like Rain Collectors and generators to fuel your new life amid the zombie hordes. You can also use the Safehouse panel to make changes. Renaming the safehouse, controlling who can enter, and more, can all be found here. You can also find the option to toggle player respawn here if turned on in the server settings. If you want to move to a new place, you ned to click the Release Safehouse at the bottom left of this menu. Do that, then go claim somewhere else.

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Managing Safehouses on a Server

The Safehouse panel is also useful for users wishing to see how the server is configured. There are a few settings you can change in this menu to alter the way safehouse work on your server. There are a large range of different server settings that admins can use when making their server to accomplish this. You could also change certain ones mid-game, although to be clear not all of them will apply right away.

Certain settings can also control how other game mechanics interact with safehouse in PZ. For example, there’s a setting that controls fire spread. If you leave an oven on too long, it can explode and spew flames. If the relevant settings is on, the fire can burn down your entire safehouse. I learned that lesson the hard way many moons ago. Keep reading to see the relevant settings you can change as the server admin, and that they do.

  • AdminsSafehouse: When set to true, only admins will be able to take safehouses for themselves.
  • DisableSafehouseWhenPlayerConnected: This will make it so that when the player who owns the safehouse is playing the game, other players can enter their base and take things. When set to False safehouse will be locked out at all times.
  • PlayerSafehouse: When set to true, enables default players safehouse behavior. When false, no one on the server can claim one.
  • SafeHouseRemovalTime: The number here is the number of real-life hours that a player must be absent from their safehouse before it becomes open to new claims.
  • SafeHouseAllowFire: Toggling this to true means fires will spread through safehouse, very dangerous if things like ovens are left unattended.
  • SafehouseAllowLoot: When set to true, other players can take objects from a claimed safehouse. Best left on in cooperative servers.
  • SafeHouseAllowRespawn: Allows players to respawn within their safehouse. Players can toggle this option on and off within the Safehouse menu.
  • SafeHouseAllowTresspass: Allows other players that are not part of the faction that owns the safehouse to enter. If turned to false, players cannot enter the structure unless allowed to.
  • SafehouseDaySurvivedToClaim: You can set a certain amount of in-game days that players must have survived before they are able to claim a safehouse.
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