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Apex Legends’ first season of new content comes this March

Apex Legends

Respawn has announced the details for the first season of Apex Legends‘ new content plans, with a model very similar to its main competitor, Fortnite. As of today, Respawn revealed the plan for Season One, and it includes a lot of things players are asking for. The game will debut a Battle Pass system, with both free and paid tiers. Each tier including different content to entice players into buying the premium version for all the new content for that particular season.

Dataminers uncovered a free and “diamond” tier Season 1 Battle Pass, with the newest loot, legends and other goodies being part of the paid version first. No details about price or content yet, but we’d expect Respawn and EA to be smart enough to stagger releases so that paid players get the best new content first, and to follow a competitive pricing structure with these Passes, so that means they’ll probably run around $10 USD.

The first batch of new content is due to launch in March, with another batch due in June, followed by subsequent releases in September and December.

The roadmap itself, which can be seen below, teases new Legends (characters), weapons and loot. And just like the other gear in Apex Legends, we can expect some ultra-powerful and creative gear to make the rounds with these updates.

And even though the roadmap confirms some aspects, a few other details are still left up in the air. The prospect of new Legends was leaked earlier today due to more datamining, so it’s likely that Season One will feature at least some of these leaked heroes. Although this has not been confirmed.

If you’re just jumping into the game yourself, be sure to get started by reading some of our helpful guides.

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