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Update your Loot Filter for Path of Exile 3.7 and the Legion expansion

Path of Exile Legion

The upcoming debut of Path of Exile Legion on June 7th has a ton of people really excited about hopping back into the best ARPG on the market. And since it’s a loot-based grindfest of awesomeness, you’re likely to get buried under all the item drops in POE. Luckily, the developer has a built-in system called Loot Filters that allow players to control what loot they see when it’s dropped, as well as how it’s displayed.

There’s plenty of loot filters to choose from, each with their own color schemes, sound boards and design styles. We’ve included some of the best pre-made filters in the game in a list down below.

Neversink’s Loot Filter – The king of the roost when it comes to Loot Filters in POE. An incredibly detailed and customizable filter with multiple styles and display settings.

Greengrove’s Loot Filter  – Filter meant for a more style-oriented POE player. It has multiple color schemes like Amethyst, Atlantisite, Bloodstone, Jade, Zoisite and Game Like, each offering their own unique look. A shining example of creativity for any POE fan.

StupidFatHobbit’s Loot Filter – A filter meant for Racers and speed-oriented players. A very strict filter with multiple phases and variants. A great choice for a more experienced player.

If you’re already set for a Loot Filter, why not take the time to pick your starter build? There’s no better time than now to take a look at the meta-game for Legion and to figure out what everyone else is playing. You could also take a look at the full rundown of all the skill changes in POE 3.7.

Of course you can always customize your own if you’re technically inclined. We strongly recommend FilterBlade for handling creating your own filter, it uses Neversink as a base and offers an insane degree of choice and customization.

FilterBlast is another great option that works similarly to FilterBlade, but allows you to use more than a dozen different filters as bases for your own variant.

Here’s all of the new items and Map tier information GGG has released for POE 3.7:

New Items

Blood and Sand
Chain Hook
Flesh and Stone
Impale Support
Close Combat Support
Shockwave Support
Pulverise Support
Rage Support
Whispering Incubator
Fine Incubator
Singular Incubator
Cartographer’s Incubator
Otherworldly Incubator
Abyssal Incubator
Fragmented Incubator
Skittering Incubator
Infused Incubator
Fossilised Incubator
Decadent Incubator
Diviner’s Incubator
Primal Incubator
Enchanted Incubator
Geomancer’s Incubator
Ornate Incubator
Time-Lost Incubator
Celestial Armoursmith’s Incubator
Celestial Blacksmith’s Incubator
Celestial Jeweller’s Incubator
Eldritch Incubator
Obscured Incubator
Foreboding Incubator
Thaumaturge’s Incubator
Mysterious Incubator
Gemcutter’s Incubator
Timeless Karui Emblem
Timeless Maraketh Emblem
Timeless Eternal Empire Emblem
Timeless Templar Emblem
Timeless Vaal Emblem
Timeless Karui Splinter
Timeless Maraketh Splinter
Timeless Eternal Empire Splinter
Stackable Currency
Timeless Templar Splinter
Stackable Currency
Timeless Vaal Splinter
Stackable Currency
Divination Card
Imperial Legacy
Divination Card
Burning Blood
Divination Card
The Primordial
Divination Card
Echoes of Love
Divination Card
Thirst for Knowledge
Divination Card
Alluring Bounty
Divination Card
The Fool
Divination Card
Pride of the First Ones
Divination Card
The Deep Ones
Divination Card
The Archmage’s Right Hand
Divination Card
Dark Dreams
Divination Card
Buried Treasure
Divination Card
Demigod’s Wager
Divination Card

Maps and Tiers

Tier 1:

  • Sulphur Vents Map
  • Haunted Mansion Map
  • Desert Map
  • Ivory Temple Map
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Tier 2:

  • Glacier Map
  • Thicket Map
  • Alleyways Map
  • Lookout Map
  • Barrows Map
  • Armoury Map

Tier 3:

  • Leyline Map
  • Mausoleum Map
  • Ashen Wood Map
  • Relic Chambers Map
  • Pier Map
  • Arid Lake Map
  • Arachnid Tomb Map
  • Flooded Mine Map
  • Wharf Map
  • Pen Map

Tier 4:

  • Excavation Map
  • Crater Map
  • City Square Map
  • Fields Map
  • Cage Map
  • Grotto Map
  • Cursed Crypt Map
  • Strand Map
  • Channel Map
  • Beach Map
  • The Coward’s Trial
  • Whakawairua Tuahu

Tier 5:

  • Marshes Map
  • Spider Lair Map
  • Tropical Island Map
  • Ramparts Map
  • Burial Chambers Map
  • Mesa Map
  • Jungle Valley Map
  • Peninsula Map
  • Arcade Map
  • Fungal Hollow Map

Tier 6:

  • Mud Geyser Map
  • Courtyard Map
  • Ancient City Map
  • Atoll Map
  • Maze Map
  • Promenade Map
  • Cells Map
  • Phantasmagoria Map
  • Waste Pool Map
  • Overgrown Ruin Map
  • Primordial Pool Map
  • Doryani’s Machinarium
  • The Hall of Grandmasters
  • Maelström of Chaos
  • The Vinktar Square

Tier 7:

  • Residence Map
  • Spider Forest Map
  • Arena Map
  • Dungeon Map
  • Racecourse Map
  • Graveyard Map
  • Vault Map
  • Waterways Map
  • Conservatory Map
  • Laboratory Map
  • Overgrown Shrine Map
  • Acton’s Nightmare

Tier 8:

  • Iceberg Map
  • Pit Map
  • Ghetto Map
  • Bone Crypt Map
  • Chateau Map
  • Toxic Sewer Map
  • Scriptorium Map
  • Dunes Map
  • Factory Map
  • Necropolis Map
  • Estuary Map
  • Olmec’s Sanctum
  • Perandus Manor
  • Pillars of Arun
  • Death and Taxes

Tier 9:

  • Arachnid Nest Map
  • Port Map
  • Villa Map
  • Mineral Pools Map
  • Underground River Map
  • Underground Sea Map
  • Castle Ruins Map
  • Shore Map
  • Moon Temple Map
  • Arsenal Map
  • Lighthouse Map
  • Mao Kun
  • The Twilight Temple
  • Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack’s Den
  • Oba’s Cursed Trove

Tier 10:

  • Sepulchre Map
  • Coral Ruins Map
  • Volcano Map
  • Geode Map
  • Bog Map
  • Plateau Map
  • Lava Chamber Map
  • Bazaar Map
  • Academy Map
  • Temple Map
  • Poorjoy’s Asylum

Tier 11:

  • Infested Valley Map
  • Dig Map
  • Lair Map
  • Malformation Map
  • Siege Map
  • Gardens Map
  • Crimson Temple Map
  • Precinct Map
  • Colonnade Map
  • Museum Map
  • The Putrid Cloister

Tier 12:

  • Lava Lake Map
  • Cemetery Map
  • Vaal Pyramid Map
  • Park Map
  • Shipyard Map
  • Core Map
  • Carcass Map
  • Canyon Map
  • Colosseum Map
  • Hallowed Ground
  • Vaults of Atziri

Tier 13:

  • Tower Map
  • Sunken City Map
  • Defiled Cathedral Map
  • Belfry Map
  • Coves Map
  • Shrine Map
  • Plaza Map
  • Terrace Map
  • Reef Map

Tier 14:

  • Primordial Blocks Map
  • Orchard Map
  • Wasteland Map
  • Crystal Ore Map
  • Courthouse Map
  • Basilica Map
  • Dark Forest Map

Tier 15:

  • Summit Map
  • Caldera Map
  • Acid Caverns Map
  • Desert Springs Map
  • Palace Map

Tier 16:

  • Vaal Temple Map
  • Forge of the Phoenix Map
  • Maze of the Minotaur Map
  • Pit of the Chimera Map
  • Lair of the Hydra Map
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