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Nioh 2 had 700,000 downloads of it’s open beta

Nioh 2 Story Trailer

Nioh 2 open beta had around 700,000 downloads when it released in November last year, according to Koei Tecmo. This is good news for the publisher and the developer, as it shows there’s interest in the sequel and the changes the team are making to gameplay.

Other news surrounding the latest effort from Team Ninja has revealed plenty of positive vibes for the game. Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have been working tirelessly to perfect Nioh 2 ahead of it’s release in March. Much of their attention has been focused on the various phases of beta testing for the action game. There has been a considerable amount of changes made to the game because of player feedback, which is nice to see.

Among those changes, we can find an adjustment of the balance of all Yokai abilities, There were also adjustments made to the difficulty of the Dark Realm. Finally, the developer also tweaked how Ki is managed for the player, making the process a bit easier to handle.

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A story trailer for Nioh 2 was also released, detailing how feudal Japan has become overrun with spirit-like entities, and there is a concerted effort to halt their spread. Said trailer also showed off some impressive visuals.  Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja are expecting a strong release off of the back of this combined torrent of news.

Nioh 2 is releasing on March 13, and will then be followed up with a variety of post-launch DLC. Each pack of DLC will add new character options, abilities and other new content to the game. The season pass will also be sold, which contains all three of the DLC together.

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