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Path of Exile: Legion Expansion – Everything You Need To Know

Path of Exile Legion

We finally know what the next Path of Exile expansion will be called, and what it will become. Legion has come to Wraeclast, bringing with it blood and fire.

Path Of Exile: Legion – A New Enemy

This new expansion will take players to the Domain of Timeless Conflict, a forgotten and dangerous new realm where five powerful general reside after death. These five generals each lead an endless legion of armies that are hellbent on destroying everything they find. The new Monoliths scattered around the world of the game will be your gateway to this new realm and a whole new battle. Interacting with these Monoliths will spawn a horde of monsters to kill, much like previous leagues, and killing enough of these enemies will cause an emblem of the legions they belong to.

These enemies will be cast back to the Domain of Timeless Conflict after a short time, so keep killing and damaging enemies to keep the timer counting. If you manage to do enough damage, you get the Emblem and some gear. The more powerful the enemies, the better the rewards.

The Map Device, friend to many a POE player, is getting a bit of a facelift in Path of Exile’s Legion expansion. It now has

Path Of Exile: Legion – Incubation Items

Path of Exile’s Legion expansion has a slew of new items and uniques that you can obtain as well, so there’s more for you hoarder types to do in this patch too. A big part of this new expansion is the Incubation Items.

Incubators can also drop from the Legions you slaughter, along with all of the other item rewards. Some Legion monsters display symbols indicating the specific items they drop., so focusing damage on these enemies can earn some very powerful rewards. Incubators can modify a piece of equipment to guarantee a certain reward after you have killed a specific number of monsters. This way you can guarantee things like Currency or Divination Cards to drop.

Other items such as Timeless Jewels, such as one conquered by the Vaal, are available as well. This jewel in particular is like rolling a Vaal Orb on your skill tree, offering huge potential for chaos and the potential ultra-powerful boon. Legion will also see the introduction of 12 new Unique items, and reworks for 15 older Unique items that are themed around Legion’s five armies. These newly enhanced items will be showing up as rewards in the new league as well.

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Path Of Exile: Legion – Rebalance Galore

The expansion also promises to bring a full rebalance to the melee aspects of the game, massively tweaking every melee skill in the game much in the same way 3.6 did for spells. Part of this strategy is to introduce a new “Blood and Sand Gladiator” Duelist archetype which can effortlessly swap between defensive and offensive options. Other class ideas like the “Rage Berserker” can use their Life leech effect of Blood Rage to gain a much higher boost in power than previous versions of the game. Did I mention that in Legion, rage no longer depletes health over time?

But that’s just the start. A particular change that’s set to completely change the way melee builds are designed is the announcement that all melee attacks can now hit multiple adjacent enemies.

The philosophy for the rebalance of melee skills is to mitigate the “clunky” feeling that many players of ARPGs complain about with certain build styles. These changes are completely revolutionary to the way players approach POE, take a look:

  • Movement skills activate instantly
  • Movement/dodging skills are now available at earlier levels
  • Animations can be interrupted
  • Animation overhauls (swinging your weapon right to left will have the next attack coming from left to right, as opposed to returning to a neutral pose)
  • Melee targeting (holding the mouse button will let you keep attacking enemies as long as it’s held down)
  • Accuracy is no longer capped at 95%

But it’s not just the core mechanics and skills getting some attention in Path of Exile 3.7 either. Several areas that players feel are a bit lacking in spice and variety are being worked on too. There are a number of changes to some of the early-game bosses, including the animations that transmit to the player what they’re about to do. Path of Exile: Legion will also see tweaks to bosses on various Atlas maps, with an aim at making the boss fights more fun and varied. in some humdrum fights.

Check out the trailer for the new expansion down below. Legion is due on June 7, 2019. The expansion will launch June 10th on consoles. Check out the full announcement on the main site.

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