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Path of Exile Legion 3.7 Patch Notes, All Reworked Skills

Path of Exile Legion

Path of Exile: Legion finally has patch notes, and everyone wants to know what skills to pick, so here we are with a complete rundown of how all of the existing skills are changing in Legion. But that’s not all we’ve got for you.

There’s also 12 new Uniques, 14 new Divination Cards and 18 new mods in the Sextant pool, offering more gear options and potential for loot and fun in Legion. POE is also getting 15 new Passive key nodes based on which, if any, of the new Timeless Jewels you have inserted. The new skill gems being introduced are pretty cool too, you should check out the full patch notes to see those.

There’s some general balance changes you need to be aware of as well:

  • “Physical” is now a skill type and will now appear on the appropriate gems as a tag.
  • “Strike” is now a skill type as well, and appears on items which do not have an ‘area of effect’ but can still hit multiple targets (essentially, all the previously single-target skills now have this tag). This is used to determine which skills some supports (such as Melee Splash Support) can now support.
  • “Blink” is a skill type and appears on Frostblink, Flame Dash and Dash, and indicates that all of these skills share the same cooldown.
  • “Guard” is also a skill type and appears on Immortal Call, Steelskin and Molten Shell, and indicates that all of these skills share the same cooldown.
  • All melee skills now have an Attack Speed multiplier built into the gem. This is functionally identical to the effects of the “more attack speed” or “less attack speed” stat lines that were previously on some gems.
  • The following skills are now considered “Travel” skills and have the “Travel” tag: Blink Arrow, Bodyswap, Flame Dash, Leap Slam, Lightning Warp, Phase Run, Shield Charge, Smoke Mine, Vaal Lightning Warp, Whirling Blades.
  • The following skills are now considered “Guard” skills, have a shared cooldown, and have the “Guard” tag: Immortal Call, Molten Shell, Steelskin.
  • All melee attacks now apply a visual to your weapon as you swing to better illustrate your attack’s range.
  • Most, if not all, attacks and spells also now accurately signal their area of effect, including any increases or reductions.
  • Minion targeting is now less weird if using a movement skill while also channelling.

If you’re having trouble picking a build, we’ve got an ever-evolving list of starter builds for POE 3.7 to check out.

The big changes in Legion that everyone cares about though are the skill changes. So without further ado, here’s a full rundown of all the skills being reworked in Path of Exile 3.7.

Main Attack Skill Reworks


  • Ancestral Protector – Increased DPS
  • Ancestral Warchief – Increased DPS
  • Cleave – Increased DPS, Attack speed multiplier
  • Charged Dash – Increased DPS, Attack speed multiplier
  • Concecrated Path – Increased DPS, Attack speed multiplier
  • Dominating Blow – Increased DPS, Increased minion damage per quality
  • Double Strike – Increased DPS, Attack speed multiplier, 25% chance to cause bleed
  • Dual Strike – Massively increased DPS and Crit potential, Attack speed multiplier
  • Earthquake – slightly increased damage ceiling, larger aftershock radius, flat damage increase per quality
  • Flicker Strike – Increased DPS, Attack speed multiplier, Frenzy Charge generation, movement speed buff
  • Frenzy – Increased DPS, more attack speed and damage rather than increased
  • Frost Blades –  1% increased damage and 1% increased projectile speed per quality, adds cold damage
  • Glacial Hammer – Increased DPS and attack radius, adds cold damage
  • Heavy Strike – Increased DPS and radius, Attack speed multiplier, 20% chance to deal double damage at all gem levels
  • Ice Crash – Increased DPS and radius, adds cold damage, flat damage increase per quality
  • Infernal Blow – Increased DPS, adds fire damage
  • Lacerate – Now stacks bleeding with increased damage and attack speed based on if you’re in Sand Stance or Blood Stance
  • Leap Slam – Stuns of full life enemies, always knocks back, increased stun duration, reduced mana cost
  • Lightning Strike – Increased DPS, adds lightning damage
  • Puncture – Increased DPS, more physical and bleed damage
  • Reave – Increased DPS and radius
  • Reckoning – Increased DPS, adds physical damage
  • Riposte – Increased DPS, adds physical damage
  • Shattering Steel – Increased DPS, adds physical damage, Attack speed multiplier
  • Smite – Increased DPS, Attack speed multiplier, reduced radius ceiling
  • Sunder – Increased DPS, Attack speed multiplier, longer effective length
  • Sweep – Increased DPS, Attack speed multiplier, adds physical damage, knockback chance
  • Vengeance – Increased DPS, adds physical damage
  • Vigilant Strike – Increased DPS and radius, Attack speed multiplier
  • Whirling Blades – Increased DPS, reduced Mana cost
  • Wild Strike – Increased DPS
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  • Molten Shell – Reduced defensive potential and duration
  • Molten Strike – Reduced DPS,  requires that you hit an enemy in order to produce projectiles, projectiles deal less damage
  • Immortal Call –  take 25% – 35% less elemental damage and physical damage
  • Bane – Reduced DPS
  • Blade Flurry – Reduced DPS, changed to attack speed multiplier, adds flat physical damage
  • Herald of Agony – Reduced increased physical damage
  • Soulrend – Reduced Radius
  • Storm Brand – Reduces cast speed and radius, no longer “shotguns”
  • War Banner – Reduced Accuracy buff
  • Warlord’s Mark – Leech Life and Mana from cursed enemies with Attacks only, rather than from any source of damage.
  • Winter Orb – Reduced Target acquisition range, fires projectiles half as often but more per proc, base duration increased

Big Changes

  • Cyclone – New version is a channeling skill with slightly less damage, but scales melee range as you channel
  • Ground Slam – Added physical damage, 1% increased Stun Duration on enemies and 0.5% increased area of effect per quality
  • Lancing Steel – Single-target removed at close range, increased DPS, Attack speed multiplier, adds physical damage
  • Shock Nova – Increased damage in Ring, Ring is closer to center of the Nova
  • Tectonic Slam – Increased DPS, Attack speed multiplier, reduced secondary and tertiary fissure range
  • Viper Strike – Reduced raw DPS, converts 50% physical to chaos, adds chaos,  0.5% increased attack speed and 0.5% increased poison duration per quality

Support Skill Reworks


  • Lesser Poison – Increased DPS ceiling
  • Poison – Increased DPS ceiling
  • Ruthless – Increased DPS and bleed damage


  • Multistrike – Reduced melee attack speed, more damage on repeat
  • Fortify – Reduced melee physical damage and duration, more damage with bleeding and poison
  • Infused Channeling – No longer implicitly provides a reduction to physical damage taken

Big Changes

  • Melee Splash – Supports Strikes, reduced mana multiplier, deals less damage with splash
  • Mirage Archer – No longer causes skills it used to vanish at the end of its duration. Those skills will persist until they are finished doing whatever it is they are doing.
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