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Path of Exile teases Blight Supporter Pack concept art

Path of Exile Blight Expansion Announced

The Supporter Packs are the primary means by which developer Grinding Gear Games monetizes Path of Exile. These packs of various rewards offer a unique theme for each challenge league, and the 3.8 version was no different from this trend. Just like previous iterations, each tier of the limited-time Supporter Packs offered various cosmetics rewards, as well as some bonus Points to spend on whatever you wanted. As is also commonly the case with these things, GGG also gave gamers a look at the creative process for this stuff by letting us see some really awesome concept art.

There are a couple different themes on display here, and each one is terrifying in their own way. The infamous Lich King gets his own representation with the icy blue Sentinel set. It also reminds me of some kind of otherworldly assassin, all in all it’s really cool. The real star here though is the Lich set itself. Reminding the viewer of a mix of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill and the stuff of our own nightmares, this blighted set offers a peek into the twisted nature of the corruption that is ever-present in Blight League.

And with this newest peek behind the curtain, Grinding Gear Games reminds us just how deliciously creative these folks are. And we’re seeing that the scope and scale of their development efforts is just growing insanely huge over time.

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