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Path of Exile 3.7 and Legion League Starter Builds

Path of Exile Legion

With POE 3.7 focusing hard on rebalancing melee classes and skills, there’s  going to be a ton of new and veteran players who are going to be really confused about what builds they want to play. For just that reason, we’ve got all of the best Path of Exile Legion 3.7 Beginner Builds And Starter Build Guides for any POE player. All of the POE Legion builds we mention in this article will have the updated 3.7 passive trees, be sure to check back over the next few days as we will be adding more builds.

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Legion League and POE 3.7 bring a pretty massive new change to the melee gameplay aspect of this ARPG, and that’s going to be really appealing to players who want to see what the new tweaks are all about. Let’s dig in to these new POE 3.7 starter builds.


The arguably most popular of all melee builds in Path of Exile. The major rework of both the passive skills the Slayer Ascendancy have completely refocused this class choice. With plenty of strong Leech and other defensive potential in POE 3.7, Duelist is still surprisingly tanky. It’s also possible to create both melee and ranged builds with enough creativity and recklessness.

[3.7] Bakuhakubasugasu’s Infinite Blazing Flicker Strike Slayer – This is an incredibly flexible POE build. Flicker Strike is quite an interesting skill that offers both movement and DPS in a mixed bag. The three main weaknesses of a Flicker Strike build is generating/sustaining Frenzy Charges, getting stunned and getting frozen. This build eliminates all of these problems by having one of the most reliable ways to generate/sustain Frenzy Charges and being immune to stun/freeze.  This Build is SC and SSF viable.

Aias_o_Telamonios’ Physical ST Slayer – Though the build idea here got nerfed a bit in 3.6, Legion League completely refocused Slayer, making this a much more viable setup. It’s very easy to gear this build to get through Yellow maps. A bit more investment of Currency can even carry this POE build into Red maps comfortably if you so wish. This Build is SC and SSF viable.

[3.7] LNB’s Uber Lab Warchief Totem Champion –  This moderate Champion reworks in 3.7 gave this build a very stable base in Legion League. The amount of damage and tankiness this build archetype offers has been perfected by its creator. There’s a reason this build consistently turns up as a league starter. This Build is SC and SSF viable.

[3.7] 99prosorc’s Lacerate Slayer – An extremely simple template for Slayer Ascendancy, and with the Lacerate changes in the 3.7 patch, it’s very easy to scale physical damage and bleeds for extra DPS. Very simple to gear as a starter, and scales really well into endgame. This Build is SC and SSF viable.

[3.7] Szynima’s 1H-Impale Cyclone Champion – A really spinny boi. The amount of movespeed this build has is actually nuts. If you want to run the purest of mapping speed melee builds, look no further. The mechanics are pretty simple, just apply your buffs and start smacking enemies in the face. And once it gets going, it’s hard to stop. With a literal ton of DPS and so much ability to evade attacks, this is a a solid mapper and boss-running build in almost any situation. The gear is reasonably easy to obtain too. This Build is SC and HC viable.

[3.7] brightwaha’s Tidebreaker Heavy Strike Stunner – A very flexible template that can work with either Berseker or Slayer. Heavy Strike got a pretty major buff. And since both Ascendancies got a rough 40% increase in DPS, and the gear progression is extremely easy to do for both budget options and high-end gear, this is one of the better choices that’s specific to the Legion meta for a melee build.

[3.7] loczek123’s Lacerate/Double Strike Gladiator –  This is another cause of a very on-meta build. With both budget and expensive options which both offer amazing DPS, this is a great choice. It can scale into a Labyrinth farmer, boss runner or just plain mapper, it’s a solid build overall. The buffs to the skills and mechanics for this build also help increase offensive speed a fair bit.

[3.7] CaptainWARLORD’s Cleave Champion – Another really surprisingly strong defensive setup. This build is meant to do one thing, TANK EVERYTHING, and it does it amazingly well. And with such a pure and focused build, even the newest POE player can comfortably play this build through to endgame. The guide author even put out a great video guide.


This class got plenty of reworks in the Legion expansion. The flexibility and sustainability of it’s defenses offers plenty of tankiness in Legion. A highly Strength-focused class with a heavy focus on melee builds. There’s also plenty of potential for Totem builds of a variety of types with this choice.

[3.7] Elua’s RAT Chieftain – This Totem build uses Ranged Attack Totems paired with a skill, offering plenty of player choice on what skill to use. This POE build offers great boss DPS for mapping, as well as excellent clearspeed for farming. The build is also surprisingly tanky on cheap gear, making it a great starter build. This Build is HC, SC viable.

[3.7] an1drag0n’s Reave Claw Berserker – With the launch of Legion, Reave is getting a huge buff. And since everyone is heading for two-handed weapons, the Claws this build uses will actually be a little more affordable. Not a build for the newest of players though, as the full gearing for this characters takes some time to get, but even on mediocre gear it’s still strong. It has plenty of Life and Evade chance, making it pretty solid defensively. The idea is just to move between packs with Whirling Blades and spam Reave, it’s very simple. This Build is HC, SC viable.

[3.7]Wrecker_of_Day’s Holy Righteous Fire – An incredibly flexible build with huge DPS. While it’s kind of hard to get used to, this build is really easy to play. RF allows for decent clear speed while mapping and can handle most bosses on even mediocre gear. This build really shines once you scale up the gear though. Beware, that takes time and currency. This Build is SC and SSF viable.

[3.7] TorsteinTheFallen’s Incinerate Chieftain – An interesting and experimental mix of melee and caster elements to create a fire-based build which roasts the competition. With only a couple specific gear requirements and the Chieftain rework in Legion, this build is a good choice for a more unique starter. This Build is HC, SC viable.

[3.7] Tenzarin_MyNameWasTaken’s Ultimate Berserker – A budget-friendly take on the incredible changes to Berserker in 3.7. With plenty of testing and experience, this build has cleared all content in POE and offers solid DPS. here is no required gear for this build and it is SSF friendly as well. This Build is HC, SC and SSF viable.

[3.7] bashtart’s Ice CRASH IT ALL Juggernaut – A true beginner-friendly build for POE 3.7 with a clear and easy-to-follow gear progression all the way to endgame. While it does take a bit of prep work to get the best gear, this is a very tanky and fast build that’s able to be a decent boss runner as well. This Build is HC, SC viable.


With the introduction of some pretty major passive skill tweaks to the Templar, POE fans are about to get pretty deep into the stranger builds this patch. The Templar uses Strength and Intelligence as a hybrid that can hit both caster and melee archetypes very easily. The class is also an interested testbed for experimental builds as well.

[3.7] Mr._.BLAQ’s Tanky Storm Burst Inquisitor – An ultra-powerful build with relatively affordable gear. While not the most incredibly affordable build in POE history, it makes up for the increased effort at getting proper gear with tons of DPS potential. The changes to Daggers in POE 3.7 also allow easier crafting of weapons for this build, which is pretty cool. This Build is HC, SC and SSF viable.

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[3.7] Drakaian’s Armageddon Brand Tank – The powerful skills that is Armageddon Brand was left relatively stable and strong in 3.7 This particular version of the build may be a little difficult to manage for extremely new players at first, it’s actually very easy to get used to. The amount of tanking and DPS potential for this build makes it well-suited for farming endgame content on a budget, including the very difficult Uber Elder. This Build is HC, SC and SSF viable.

[3.7] RavioliMusick’s Divine Ire Totems –  The Divine Ire skills is very easy and fun to play. The Kamehameha of skills in POE can clear maps relatively well, and is able to handle pretty common endgame encounters. This very cheap-to-gear build can easily scale with endgame gear as well. This Build is SC and SSF viable.

[3.7] Thien’s Storm Brand Inquisitor – This is a beginner-friendly, league-starter viable, solo-self-found viable, and comprehensive Storm Brand Inquisitor build. With the melee reworks of 3.7, Storm Brands may not be the hottest archetype, but they remain a strong choice for new and veteran players. This Build is SC and SSF viable.

[3.7] Thien’s Glacial Cascade Totems – A true league starter through and through. It’s a very safe and tanky build which can handle any content with the right amount of prep work. And by choosing Life over extra Crits, you can even scale this build for hardcore play. This Build is HC, SC and SSF viable.


The Shadow is Dexterity-based build with focus on Poison damage and tons of evasion. And with the accuracy and other combat changes in POE 3.7, this build could turn out to be really strong. Trap-based skills especially could be a really good off-meta choice.

[3.7] Demi’s Infinite Tinkerer – Another Demi build for you. 3.6 gave this setup a bunch of buffs. And even with the reworks in Legion, trap builds like this are still tons of fun. This Build is HC, SC and SSF viable.

[3.7] SanguineLaw’s Ice Trap Sabo – This flexible trap-based build can take on the strongest bosses in Path of Exile. Requires a bit of in-game knowledge to gear properly with elemental damage, so it’s meant more for experienced players. This Build is HC, SC and SSF viable.

[3.7] Brittleknee’s Scourge Arrow Trickster – A wonderfully stable base for a ranged build in Legion. The ability to quickly get through basic Atlas progression with this build is incredible. And with only a handful of Uniques required, all of which should remain pretty cheap this league, it’s a solid starter. This Build is SC and SSF viable.
[3.7] Ryvenn’s Arc Trapper – While not the most tanky build ever, it has high-end clearspeed and plenty of defensive layers that will let you rush endgame Atlas progression. Good amount of Life Regen also makes it decent for bosses. This Build is SC and SSF viable.


This queen of all trades is an incredibly versatile template for experimentation. With the ability to claim nodes from multiple Ascendancy trees, this build archetype really shines when trying unique combinations that would not work with other classes. If you want to try something strange, this is the girl to pair up with.

[3.7] Cyrix1337’s Mirage Archer DoomHerald – The DPS this setup offers is decent, and it is cheap to start out and scales really well into the endgame with more investment The ability to make this build work on a 5-link also makes it pretty appealing as a league starter. This Build is HC, SC and SSF viable.


A speedy mapper through and through. This ranged archetype is a perfect candidate for the practice of Magic Find builds in POE. A great candidate for players that enjoy a challenge as well, as builds based on this archetype require dodging and positioning as key defensive mechanics, requiring a fair bit of game knowledge to pull off well.

[3.7]Hitma47’s Tornado Shot Deadeye – A more middle-of-the-road choice for those looking for ranged playstyles this patch. Although with high-end gear this beast slaughters the competition. Plus, the skill combination here offers great map clearing speed. This Build is HC, SC and SSF viable.

[3.7] FunRoom’s Crit Herald of Agony PF/Ascendant – This got hit pretty hard in the POE 3.7 nerfs, it’s still viable with some skill alterations. It does require some time invested, or great game knowledge to gear though with these changes. This Build is SC viable.

[3.7] Fiver’s Frostblades Raider – The buffs to this main skill in 3.7 are insane. It was already strong in 3.6, and it got better in Legion. This isn’t a tanky afk build. It requires a certain amount of skill in order to clear the hardest content. With this being off-meta to some degree, it should be easier to gear, hence it being considered a starter. This Build is HC, SC viable.

[3.7] JeDDyCZ’s Cold Stacking Rain of Arrows Deadeye – A very simple to play setup that works best to rush to Yellow maps, The DPS and defensive options are solid for a while, making it easy for experienced and new players to get some good Atlas progression with this build. It’s a bit soft in terms of defenses on Red maps though. This Build is SC viable.

[3.7] Reload’s Pure Phys Cyclone Raider – A pretty interesting mixture of both melee and ranged archetypes that offers decent potential for both map runs and boss killing. And even with modest investment, players can see really sizable returns, and as with all good league starters, it scales pretty well the more time you put into gearing it. This Build is SC viable.


While some nerfs were handed to this class’ Ascendancy nodes in POE 3.7, it’s still possible to run this build as an off-meta starter. The reduced demand for such a build can actually make such a starter potentially easier to gear up.

[3.7] magicrectangle’s Storm Brand Elementalist – Storm Brand Elementalist offers excellent clear speed and capable boss damage. And even though the loss Proliferation in POE 3.7 hit this build hard, it’s still possible to get a quick start with this to rush towards a bit of Atlas progression. This Build is SC viable.

[3.7] Hercanic’s DPS Summoner –  Wash over your enemies with a tide of the undead who can tank a ton of endgame content. With only a single gear requirement for scaling Chaos damage, this is an excellent choice for a league starter in Legion that’s not stuck in the melee archetype. This Build is HC, SC and SSF viable.

[3.7] Enki’s Arc Witch – The strongest Witch build to come out of 3.6, and it’s still fairly stable in 3.7 and Legion. Arc is almost unkillable on lower ends of the Atlas. And even well into the endgame grind, this build offers lots of offensive and defensive options. This Build is HC, SC and SSF viable.

[3.7] ScarletDestiny1’s Occultist Bane SSF – A more complex build for a more experienced player, but it’s really fun build to play with once it gets going. Even with the 3.7 nerfs to Bane, this setup offers decent DPS and clearing potential. If you’re looking for fast and efficient play, this is the challenge for you. This Build is HC, SC and SSF viable.

[3.7] g00fy_goober’s WinterIsComing Elementalist – Even with the nerfs handed to this setup in Path of Exile: Legion, this is still in a good place in terms of both damage and movement speed, making this a wonderful mapper with plenty of boss-killing potential. Though it would take a fair bit of investment to scale to the toughest endgame challenges, it’s a great league starter. This Build is SC viable.

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