How to unlock moves in UFC 4 career mode

How to unlock moves in UFC 4 career mode

When trying to unlock moves in UFC 4, you’re going to need to jump through some hoops. There are a whole stable of moves you can use throughout the game, both in the career mode and other games, but first you have to unlock them. So how do you unlock moves in UFC 4 career mode?

In the career, you don’t start at the top of the game. You’re just a rookie fighter chasing the big time like so many others. You have to prove yourself just like everyone else. And to do that you’re going to need to become a better fighter. As you win fights and build your stats, you will slowly unlock a handful of new moves. Your repertoire will be pretty limited though, as you have to learn new moves first.

Your beginner moves are basic strikes and submission holds, and to unlock more complex options you need to find a trainer. Each training exercise will increase in difficulty as you get further into the game, so be ready for some tough spars later on. For starters though, things are pretty basic. You just need to find another fighter in training camp and interact with them.

Go to the Training Camp screen, which can be accessed by hitting RB/R1 at the home hub in career mode. Scroll down and select Invite a Fighter, which will allow you to select a sparring partner. You will unlock a few sparring partners at the start, but most will require you to fulfill some kind of objective. You will have different goals throughout your career, such as becoming a ranked fighter.

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Also, be aware that each sparring partner has a cost attached. Hover over the fighter in the selection window to see the cash and time you need to invest to unlock their move.

When choosing a sparring partner, you will then be greeted with a selection of moves they have to teach you. Each fighter will be different, and each one has a new move to teach. To elect a move to learn, toggle over it and select A/X.

Once you’re done making a selection, the actual training will begin. From there you have a goal to meet. There is a set score for each training session you need to meet to unlock the move (the score will be indicated at the bottom of the screen).

From there, once you unlock the move, you can equip it via the Figher Evolution screen.

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