How to earn $500K+ as a Scam Artist in BitLife

Every week, CandyWriter brings out a bunch of new challenges and tasks for players to wrap up. There’s yet another challenge in BItLife that involves the new scam artist job track. Players looking to build a filthy rich life of crime will want to pay attention this time around. This time, you need to make a ton of cash by scamming people for a living.

Don’t forget, the Challenge Vault is live in-game as well. If you missed previous challenges, you can pay to have a shot at completing them for easy rewards. If you really must have all those commemorative items from past challenges, this is a fine option.

How to earn $500K+ as a Scam Artist in BitLife

The first step in scamming everyone is to actually get the job of being a scam artist. This is directly tied to the new job pack, so you need to have that to be able to do this challenge. Once you purchase the Street Hustler pack, you can find Scam Artistry located under the Occupations tab via Special Careers. Once your character ages up to 18, they can take this job track. As with all jobs, your stats have some amount of impact on your success in life. For the scam artist job, you get a new sat as well: Street Smarts.

Street Smarts is basically a substat for Smarts, and will impact how well you do when trying to lie and con people. It will also help you not get caught, as you’re less likely to run into police when running scams with a high Street Smarts.

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You will unlock the Scams tab as you work this job, but you can also run scams via the People tab. It’s a good idea to peruse targets via the People tab, checking their net worth. Be wary though, as wealthy people tend to be much harder to scam than everyday yahoos.

Go into your job listing and click on your title, you can then choose a scam to use for that instance. You also get to choose where to work the scam. When you choose what scam to run, you will be given a dropdown with various options. The more complex the scam, the bigger the payday. Also, it’s a good idea to practice on smaller scams first. That’s because your skill as a scammer improves as you work your magic, so practice makes perfect when it comes to this life of crime.

The key to this part of the challenge is repetition. You just need to keep running scams and making cash to earn $500K+ as a Scam Artist in BitLife.

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