How to Get the Shrouded Ghost Ship set in Sea of Thieves

How to Get the Shrouded Ghost Ship set in Sea of Thieves

Along with the newly added promotional Battletoads Fightin’ Frogs ship set in Sea of Thieves, you can grab some more cosmetic items this month. The developer has also dropped details about the new seasonal events coming in August 2020. You can also grab the Shrouded Ghost Ship set in Sea of Thieves.

For this quest and reward, you need to take part in the new Season of events for August 2020. Rare has announced that the next season of events is called Hunters of the Deep. And as with other seasonal quests and events, there are some new items to collect. There are multiple new ship sets, as well as some themed cosmetics from various in-game factions, all of which can be claimed by completing various quests.

And as with previous events, there are multiple ways to harvest the items you need to unlock the rewards, including the Shrouded Ghost Ship set in Sea of Thieves. These activities include reading one of Merrick’s three journals, harvesting shark meat to turn it into Hunter’s Call, dying to a shark to retrieve the blue flame of fate from the Ferry of the Damned, defeating the Megalodon.

As of now, collecting Shark Teeth and Meat from the Megaladon or regular seems to be the most reliable way for groups to farm the items needed to claim the ship set.

The journals are another option for completion, as their spawns are currently known by the players.  Right now you can find one journal on an unnamed island in quadrant N-13, another on an unnamed island in 1-12, and the final journal at Shark Bait Cove.

The Megaladon

There are five different variations of a Megalodon.

  • The Hungering One: It’s the most common of the Megalodon. It has a blue top, a white bottom, and has green eyes.
  • The Crested Queen: It’s slightly more rare than the base form. It has a dark purple top, white bottom, and purple eyes.
  • The Ancient Terror: It’s a moderately rare version. It has a dark grey coloring of scales, yellow fin and eyes.
  • The Shadowmaw: It’s a very rare version of the monster and distinctly different. It has a jet black body, with a red fin and eyes.
  • The Shrouded Ghost: This is the rarest version of the Megalodons. It has a sickly white body, with pink fins and eyes.
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Taking the Megaladon is a matter of having an effective crew. If you have a dedicated repair person, task them with patching holes while the rest of the crew unloads with all of the weapons they have. Having some level of experience and coordination makes this much easier, so consider just joining up with another crew to hunt Megalodons. This will make the whole process of unlocking the event rewards much faster.

Keep in mind that the type of Megaladon you face, and its relative difficulty, stems from the type of ship you’re using. This does not vary with the number of crew you have. Some skilled players will take a smaller ship with extra crew to help handle cannons and repairs, and this is usually the safer option for large groups.

Upon defeating a Megalodon, you will receive three to 12 pieces of treasure, four pieces of Megalodon meat and a big bundle of Reputation.

Flames of Fate

Each flame of fate is different. To have the flame of fate activate in the afterlife. These are the six flames:

  • Red Flame – Flame of Fire, dying to flames
  • Pink Flame – Flame of Pirates, dying to a player
  • Green Flame – Flame of Skellies, dying to skeletons
  • White Flame – Flame of Lightning, dying to a lightning strike
  • Blue Flame – Flame of Sharks, dying to sharks
  • Purple Flame – Flame of Snakes, dying to a snake

When you die and spawn in on the Ferry of the Damned, take out the Lantern you have on you.  Approach the Well of Fate at the center of the Ferry of the Damned and accept the Flame of Fate. Your lantern should now be the color attached to your death. It will take some time to hunt down all of the different flame types, but it’s worth it to collect the rewards.

You have until September 8 to collect enough tokens and shark teeth to earn the various rewards. The Hunters of the Deep events go live today and run on all platforms until that date.

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