How to Earn Flower Coins in Pikmin Bloom

How to Send Pikmin on Expedition in Pikmin Bloom

Niantic has released another tie-in game that brings another popular gaming franchise to mobile devices. Players around the globe are getting their hands on another Nintendo property, Pikmin Bloom. Gather flowers and fruits with these adorable little pals, all while you explore the world around you. Styled after the success of Pokémon Go, players can gather new Pikmin, and even send them on adventures.

You can send these little guys out to collect fruits, loot and special tokens. Show off how good you are at rangling them to your friends. Go around collecting these little buggers,  then send them out on their own little adventures. They can then bring back cosmetic items and other rewards for you. There’s one thing that some players might be confused about, Flower Coins.

To unlock certain items in the game, players will need to use flower coins, which are the premium currency in-game. Just like the PokéCoins in Niantic’s other hit mobile title, you can spend these on many different things.

So far, Flower Coins in Pikmin Bloom are the only premium currency you need right now. You won’t have to worry just yet about collecting a ton of different items, unlike some other mobile titles.

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How to Earn Flower Coins in Pikmin Bloom

You can buy coins from the in-app store in deposits of either 100 ($1.49), 550 ($7.99) or 1,200 ($14.99). If you don’t want to buy them for real-world money, you can actually earn them too.

Niantic has put in ways to earn Flower Coins in Pikmin Bloom. You just have to play the game. As you go through the various steps of playing the game and getting more Pikmin, quests will come up. Completing these tasks can sometimes reward premium currency. The tasks are for usually things like completing a certain number of daily steps, or for exploring new areas. So just enjoy your time with the game and earn some Flower Coins.

You will also want to put the effort in anytime that Niantic does in-game events. Niantic will sometimes hand out small bundles of coins for doing special tasks during events, as well as other rewards.

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