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Path of Exile 3.7 Legion Best Builds Guide

Path of Exile Legion

With the impending release of Path of Exile: Legion, gamers and POE fans are all hyped up for the newest patch to their favorite ARPG. But POE isn’t an easy game to get into. That’s why we’re here to help you pick a new build. And with POE 3.7 focusing hard on rebalancing melee classes and skills, there’s going to be a lot of people looking real hard at what build to pick. So here’s a list of some of the best builds, one’s that you should keep your eye on come next week when the new league kicks off.

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So we’re going to kick things off with melee builds first and foremost, as that is what most people will want to play so they can test out the new aspects of POE 3.7. But don’t worry we’ve got builds for every playstyle as well. Whether you want to go melee, ranged or spellcaster in POE 3.7, we’re here to help.


This melee-focused class is a goto choice for players looking for a much tankier option, which could prove useful thanks to the absolutely mad amounts of Rare and Unique enemies you’re due to encounter in Path of Exile 3.7. If you want a build that can face down a tide of beasts without blinking, Templar may be the starting point for you.

[3.7]Storm Brand Inquisitor – This is a beginner-friendly, league-starter viable, solo-self-found viable, and comprehensive Storm Brand Inquisitor build. With the melee reworks of 3.7, Storm Brands may not be the hottest archetype, but they remain a strong choice for new and veteran players.

[3.7]ZZang’s Low-Life Righteous Fire Templar – This much cheaper variant of an LL RF build offers a choice. Either burn your currency on an insanely pricey Legacy gear set or get fast mapping clear speed with incredible tankiness for a much cheaper price. It won’t melt the toughest content in seconds, but it can handle most of anything thrown at it with ease.

[3.7]lllNonStop’s Ice Spear Totems – A build that’s all about DPS. The POE 3.7 changes have had some effect on Totems, with the build arguably being a bit stronger overall compared to the state it was in in previous patches. This build is one of those that aims for the highest peak to climb and does it. There’s plenty of potential here if you’re willing to put in the time and currency.

[3.7]Uly’s Purifying Flame Inquisitor – This decently stacked build is great for newer players looking for an easy and fun build to run in Legion. While it offers good DPS and survivability, don’t expect it to facetank everything especially with the changes in 3.7.


The wanton rage and thirst for slaughter would put this big boy right at home in the traitor legions of the 41st millennium, but this is Wraeclast, so we’ll have to settle for killing gods and endless legions of beasts, the undead and traitorous scum instead. This melee heavy-hitter is all about dealing damage. If you want a strong build that can wipe out the competition with pure DPS, there’s no better choice.

EiryfexPOE’s Full MF Consecrated Path Jugg – This Magic Find build is like Sonic, it’s gotta go fast. This one is for you who want to play something super fun, super cheap and surprisingly fast with high IIQ while currency farming. Blast through legions of bad guys at an insane pace to make yourself wealthy in Flashback.

[3.7]Hybridboy’s Molten Strike TANK ANYTHING Jugg – This big boi is all about defense. It might as well be a Dark Souls build that maxes Poise due to just how effortlessly it tanks any content in POE. And even with the buffed up bosses in Legion, this build is still super strong. The dodge changes don’t mean a thing to you, the boss buffs are easymode for you. You are the king of destruction with this POE 3.7 build.

[3.7]Kira1414’s Concecrated Path Cyclone – If you’re a fan of Cyclone, this is the build for you if you’re looking for a tanky boss killer. The accuracy changes mean that there’s now an option to start getting some sweet Crits since you don’t absolutely need Resolute Technique for this archetype to work. As a fan of Cyclone builds, this is really appealing.

[3.7]Wrecker_of_Day’s Holy Righteous Fire – An incredibly flexible build with huge DPS. While it’s kind of hard to get used to, this build is really easy to play. RF allows for decent clear speed while mapping and can handle most bosses on even mediocre gear. This build really shines once you scale up the gear though. Beware, that takes time and currency.


A rather versatile build, it has been quite strong for a few Leagues now thanks to the Slayer Ascendancy which granted insane defensive potential with Leeching. Even though this node was heavily nerfed in 3.6, the 3.7 combat changes have made it bounce back pretty hard.. It’s also possible to create both melee and ranged builds with enough creativity and recklessness.

[3.7]Sidefx06’s Frost Blades – This Champion build has some great AoE potential and plenty of DPS to make it a solid mapper. This build focuses on high attack speed to unleash a series of projectiles high crit chance and amazing attack speed in a almost 360 radius around you , killing everything that dares come close.

[3.7]TheNotoriousPIG’s Leech Slayer – This is a truly budget build that will get you deep into maps, even in SSF. This build can really shine on good gear as well. And even after the 3.6 nerfs to Leech and Slayer, this build uses a combination of Totems, Blade Flurry and pure DPS to overcome barriers to Leeching, pretty cool. POE 3.7’s changes to certain Ascendancies offer increased flexibility for this build now as well.

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[3.7] Muirey’s Freezing Cyclone – A twist on the cliche Slayer setup that uses Cold instead of either raw Physical or Fire damage. The casual-friendly playstyle of Cyclone got even more useful in POE 3.7, and it’s just as much fun. Changes to the Slayer Ascendancy also make this build more interesting for gear choices.


This is probably the most versatile of all of the classes in POE aside from Scion. The Ascendancy nodes, especially for Trickster, got a major buff in 3.6 making this a very stable base for any number of skill combinations and archetype ideas. Path of Exile 3.7 doubles down on this trend by offering a rework of melee that made certain Shadow builds even stronger.

[3.7]Bakuhakubasugasu’s Immortal Blade Flurry Assassin – The changes to Crit, along with the accuracy changes, have made this build surprisingly viable. Blade Flurry offers decent DPS and an easy playstyle that the newest POE player can manage.

[3.7] Angry_Roleplayer’s Arc Lighting Trapper – It’s a weird combo to be sure, but it’s surprisingly good for just about any content in Path of Exile. Even if you just plan on mapping it’s a pretty solid build. It’s very cheap to gear, especially in the Legion meta, and offers high DPS that can take down even Elder and Shaper.

[3.7] Luniev’s Storm Burst Trickster – A very fast mover that works great with the animation and boss changes in this expansion. Moving around enemy attacks is preferable to tanking them anyway, so why not just run circle around enemies while lightning bolts cook them. The huge dodge potential from the stacks on stacks of Evasion make this one of the more defense-focused builds on the list.

[3.7] Low-Life Worb Trickster – Taking advantage of the powerful Winter Orb, even though it was nerfed in 3.7, still offers plenty of DPS and clear speed. While the best version of this build is pretty pricey, it’s still very fun and easy to play. With the added challenges from the 3.7 patch, this build might be good for someone looking for a challenging build rather than one that melts everything into icy nothing.


After the sweeping Synthesis changes to self-casting, the Witch became one of the most popular and powerful build setups in POE. And while GGG did nerf some of these massive buffs in POE 3.7, the starting power of the Witch still makes it a great choice for those looking for spellcaster or summoner archetypes.

[3.7]g00fy_goober’s WinterIsComing Elementalist – If you wanted a spellcaster build that can deal with anything you throw at in Legion, this is for you. It’s completely changed in 3.7 with a Crit focus and new passive tree. So if you’re looking for something new and exciting that can actually play the game well, here you go.

[3.7]Raazen’s SRS Necro – Summon Raging Spirit builds have always been pretty nice in POE, but that doesn’t meant they’re not strong as hell. This is a perfect example of a niche POE build that slides under the notice of most people due to how simple it is, Just spam flaming skulls at everything until they die. Good for maps and bosses.

[3.7]FATKMZ’s Massive Summoner – This is the peak of summoner builds in POE. It’s also pretty flashy due to using multiple specific uniques to get started. But even with that cheaper gear, early mapping and bosses are a breeze. Once you hit the high-end gear though, this game might as well play itself.


A speedy mapper through and through. This ranged archetype is a perfect candidate for the practice of Magic Find builds in POE. A great candidate for players that enjoy a challenge as well, as builds based on this archetype require dodging and positioning as key defensive mechanics, requiring a fair bit of game knowledge to pull off well.

[3.7]thi3n’s Kinetic Blast Deadeye – A more reasonably priced mapper build made for the Ranger. And when combined with the new animation changes for dodging and the like, speed can be really fun to play in Legion.

[3.7]Demi’s Fastest Lemon – This is the peak of ultra-fast and pricey builds. The currency investment to really get this monster moving is massive for many players. But if your’re a veteran looking to get insane mapping speed with a ranged build, this may be for you in POE 3.7.

[3.7]Hitma47’s Tornado Shot Deadeye – A more middle-of-the-road choice for those looking for ranged playstyles this patch. Although with high-end gear this beast slaughters the competition. Plus, the skill combination here offers great map clearing speed.


This queen of all trades is an incredibly versatile template for experimentation. With the ability to claim nodes from multiple Ascendancy trees, this build archetype really shines when trying unique combinations that would not work with other classes. If you want to try something strange, this is the girl to pair up with.

[3.7]Bax_CD’s Herald Of Agony Ascendant – Very similar to Bax_CD’s other builds based on HoA, meant for the more experienced player that’s looking for a tougher experience but to still have fun.

[3.7]Cyrix1337’s DoomHerald Scion – This build is so strong it doesn’t even need a 6-link. It’s definitely more for advanced players, but it’s surprisingly strong and able to clear even Uber Elder.  It is cheap to start out and scales really well into the endgame with more investment as well.

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