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Anthem Removing Luck Stat from Gear in Next Update

Anthem Cataclysm Content Coming Soon

So it’s been revealed that a major gear overhaul is coming to Anthem with the launch of the Cataclysm update. BioWare has revealed that the new expansion to the shooter is about to change stats and Inscriptions on gear in pretty major ways. One new change is the complete removal of Luck Inscriptions from all gear types in Anthem.

The removal of Luck is one part of a larger strategy in the upcoming Cataclysm expansion aimed at completely rebalancing the game and the loot contained within. In this week’s Anthem livestream, BioWare revealed the change as part of a wider series of updates that will be rolled out over time. This is part of the reason the PTR is so important to the developer, as it allows them to collect ongoing feedback about planned changes and additions.

And even though Luck can longer roll on gear, the internal stat on players for Luck will be kicked up to the max. This means that all players will have better odds of getting masterwork or legendary gear on loot drops. Now of course this doesn’t change the underlying balance issues, but increasing the frequency of loot drops that are of use to the players could be a step in the right direction, depending on other changes.

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If the developers manage to rework the other stats rolled on gear in a substantial way, there may be a chance of salvaging the game’s experience, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

And despite these changes, there’s still a lot of issues to work through with Anthem. The lack of substantive endgame content, and ongoing issues with the perception of balance are issues often cited by players as major problems. And it remains to be seen whether BioWare can work through these issues and salvage the game.

Anthem is out now for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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