Guide to factions in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

Guide to factions in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord

Factions in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord are a big part of the political game as well. After all, this game is about a lot more than just recruiting and training peasants into a finely honed fighting force. Each of the factions represents a different cultural element of the game world, and each one has its history and ambitions.

Various clans, kingdoms, and fiefdoms exist here, and you’re going to have to make both friends and enemies if you want to survive. The long and arduous process of forging alliances and making war also relies on improving your character and the armies they command. A huge part of this process involves getting better skills and more perks in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord, which makes your in-battle and political abilities more potent.

The different groups at play here all have their own desires and designs, so balancing them will be the difference between carving out a stable empire, or being crushed as a disruptive upstart.

The respective larger factions and the smaller factions in their lands in Bannerlord are:

  • Aserai
    • Jawwal
    • The Ghilman
  • Battania
    • Wolfskins
  • Khuzait Khanate
    • Karakhuzaits
  • Northern Empire
    • Hidden Hand
    • Embers of the Flame
    • Legion of the Betrayed
  • Southern Empire
    • Hidden Hand
    • Embers o the Flame
    • Legion of the Betrayed
  • Western Empire
    • Hidden Hand
    • Embers o the Flame
    • Legion of the Betrayed
  • Sturgia
    • Skolderbrotva
    • Sons of the Forest
  • Vlandia
    • Brotherhood of the Woods
    • Company of the Golden Boar

Each faction on the larger scale will have multiple armies at their command, as well as emergency levies that can be called up from within their territory. The early game won’t see you being able to challenge their dominance in even some small measure. Your way up the ladder of power in this fantasy world depends on how well you work with the smaller factions in Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord at first.

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The various smaller factions represent mercenary orders, religious groups and even some underhanded spies and assassins are mixed into the bunch. If you complete any quest or task for a respective member of a faction, you can gain a reputation with them and further influence. The higher these values, the more sway you hold over both the smaller factions and the larger members of the world’s political sphere.

You will eventually make enemies, but who you choose to declare war on is a decision that should never be taken lightly. And always be prepared. Use the time you spend earning reputation with a faction to learn about their territory and its military capabilities. The more intelligence you have before a war, the better.

If you can without causing too much ruckus, poach powerful and capable commanders for your own army while climbing the ladder. Also be sure to try and recruit from the lands of your target if you can, draining their manpower and adding to your own is a great way to make solid dents in their military power without angering them.

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