Null Sec Alliance Drama

Skeleton Crew. Allegedly being kicked from N3 Coalition

After the Skeleton Crew SOTA leaked a couple of days ago, a lot seems to have changed for the null sec alliance.  Comments made by some leadership members overall, with the sentiment being echoed by some line members, inflamed relations with other N3 alliances.

This comes just days after Skeleton Crew was given SOV in Esoteria to act as an anchor in the region to shore up wavering numbers of defenders.  The 1400-man alliance has had it’s hands full holding Esoteria and defending the renter space of surrounding regions as of late.  Some players agree with the assertion that N3 will not survive the SOV changes, and will likely break into smaller groups.  N3 has had a string of turmoil recently that has many speculating about their future.  Some saying that the loss of SOV in Insmother and surrounding regions being the first of a cascading series of failures that is soon to begin with the June SOV changes.

It’s clear that while coalition leadership can do little to stop small-time speculation, they will apparently not tolerate  the same talk from their members.  Reports say that the player alliance has been told that they have 24 hours to move out of N3 territory or face consequences.  The specifics and veracity of these claims is not yet confirmed.

Information posted on  Reddit appears to confirm the story:

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