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New Resident Evil 2 Remake gameplay introduces Ada Wong

Resident Evil 2 Story Trailer

Capcom has unleashed a horde of new Resident Evil 2 gameplay trailers, showing much more gameplay elements and some returning characters.

Ada Wong, the super-capable secret agent and ally of Leon is a fixture of the franchise, and rather iconic character, so it’s nice to get to see more of her in action. She’ll use her skills in technology and combat to great effect in the Resident Evil 2 remake, as we see in this new trailer. She hacks her way through some electronic puzzles, also while helping Leon make sense of what has happened to Raccoon City.

But it’s not just Ada we meet in this new segment either, we also get to see Leon trying to take on the incredibly tough and monstrous enemy that some of you may recognize, and things aren’t going to be easy for him.

There’s also a bit in this latest video which introduces the new version of Robert Kendo, the gun store owner who drops the Bow Gun and a special Remington shotgun during different scenarios in the original game. Of course, you do have to retrieve those items from his zombie-devoured corpse. It will be interesting to see how the remake plays with our expectations in that regard. Maybe we’ll run into a Darkside Chronicles situation this time around. In The Darkside Chronicles, Leon and Claire instead discover him already being devoured by zombies when they reach his store.

Check out the latest gameplay trailer for the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2 down below. Resident Evil 2 is slated to become available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on January 25, 2019.

And not content with just this new Ada Wong gameplay, Capcom also released some gameplay showing other tidbits earlier in the month. There’s actually quite a lot here, so let’s dig in.

e first new clip shows off some interaction between the game’s two protagonists, Claire Redfield, and Leon S. Kennedy, as they try to make sense of the madness around them. The second and third clip give players a look at two in-game items up close — the very recognizable herb item, as well as some gunpowder used to create and powerup ammo in-game. The fourth video shows off one of Resident Evil’s more iconic enemies, the disgusting Licker. We even get a look at one of the most vicious handguns in the game, the Samurai Edge.

In case you want more news on the RE2 remake, maybe check out some more gameplay from Gamescom. Maybe you’re a PC gamer who might pick this up, in that case you should check out the Resident Evil 2 Remake system requirements. If you want to be fully prepared for the renewed adventures of Claire and Leon, you might want to check out some gory gameplay footage. Or you could check in on the Collector’s Edition of the game that features a 12″ statue. And if you’re really a super fan, you could take a peek at the $900 typewriter themed for the game.

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