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Path of Exile: Legion Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks for POE 3.7

Path of Exile Legion

Path of Exile: Legion and the 3.7 patch is live, and it’s time to take on the Legions and put their timeless conflict to bed once and for all. With our guide to Path of Exile 3.7 and the Legion expansion, you can do just that, and do it with ease. To make the process easier, make sure to update your loot filter, and read through some of our other guides, like the one we just created for mapping in Legion.

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The Legion Challenge League in Path of Exile is considered by many players to have been designed as an iteration on the idea of a previous patch, Breach League. As such, most of the approach for how to begin, and succeed at, fighting the five Legions is based on this assumption. Path of Exile 3.7 introduces some interesting new twists on the formula as well.

Let’s start this Path of Exile Legion guide by going over the main new mechanics in this expansion.

The Five Legions

The Five Legions each represent their own faction from within the lore of Path of Exile. Each legion has their own unique enemy types, but they will often use a mix of different tactics. Each legion also has special modifiers that can affect potential drops. Look for Magic or Rare members of each legion for the best chance at getting different drops.

  • Vaal – Increased Level Vaal Skill Gems – Glorious Vanity Jewels
  • Karui – – Lethal Pride Jewels
  • Templar – – Militant Faith Jewels
  • Maraketh – – Brutal Restraint Jewels
  • Eternal Empire – Increased Prophecy Drops –  Elegant Hubris Jewels

You’ll encounter a Monolith belonging to a specific Legion out in the wild. Interacting with it will spawn a battle frozen in time. The timer will countdown at the bottom the screen until the first phase of the Monolith encounter ends. You have until that point to deal damage to as many Legion members as possible.

Be on the lookout for enemies with special signs above them. These can denote Legion members who drop more Splinters, uniques and other rare items. Think of this like a mobile version of the Clasped Hands from Breach. There may also be  Timeless Chests among the enemy formation, just damage them to have them spawn in the second phase. You’ll know the chest or enemy has been added to the second phase when they turn purple after you sufficiently damage them.

The biggest of these chests can drop some pretty insane loot. High-end uniques like Belly of the Beast and Exalted Orbs have been reported as drops from Timeless chests. The emphasis on movement speed is important here, as you’ll be zipping around the first phase looking for different loot symbols and “killing” them to unlock them in phase two. There are also Rare mobs that have loot as well, although they can be very tough in the early game. The real money comes from the War Hoards though, these larger chests have a ton of loot and are always worth popping.

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POE Legion Guide Monolith

Dealing damage to a given Legion member will unlock them for the next phase of the Monolith run. When the timer expires, the Legion members that were unlocked will attack the player. This is your chance to get some serious loot by killing a ton of enemies. Be careful though, as the volume of enemies can be really dangerous at early levels.

Any Legion members killed in this second phase will then drop their loot. Claim your rewards and continue blasting your way across Wraeclast. Paying special attention to the symbols over Chests, Rare mobs and War Hoards will give you an easy indicator for what to look for, here are some examples.

The Domain of Timeless Conflict

This new area is a much more dangerous challenge than anything you’ve faced in previous Leagues. The Domain can only be unlocked using the Emblems you assemble from Splinters which were collected during Monolith runs. Combining multiple Emblems will result in a Domain map that has all of the factions that belong to those emblems in it.

Completing the Domain of Timeless Conflict with four factions unlocks a fifth slot for the map device, so you need one complete Emblem for any four of the Legions.

New Items in Legion

Just like in previous expansion, Legion brings in new items for players to experiment with. The effects of these new items are pretty nuts, and have potential to reshape both item crafting and the actual approach many use to construct their builds.

Splinters and Emblems

These new items tie into the new Map Device which will be unlocked as part of the endgame in this expansion. Similar to Breach, you need 100 Splinters to construct an Emblem, but the Emblems themselves have some new mechanics. Once you’ve collected 100 Splinters and assembled the Emblems of your choice, you can insert them into the new Map device.

Combining two or more Emblems in a Map device then activating it will create a special zone where the factions you chose are present. The point here is to game the system by target killing the Legion members who drop the best rewards. Refer to the Five Legions section above for more on how to target farm rewards in POE 3.7.

Timeless Jewels

These very special passive Jewels can drastically change your passive skill tree in weird new ways. Introduced with Legion, Timeless Jewels can be dropped from each of the five factions in the expansion. The general idea with these is that they slot into the Jewel Sockets you can unlock on the Passive Tree to offer completely new skills, in addition to randomly corrupting existing modifiers in some cases. The jewels each have their own seed based on the faction they’re tied to and the flavor text.

Timeless Jewels can alter nodes within its radius based on its seed. The number on the mod is the seed that determines what the minor and notable passives will transform into, while the name determines which passive a Keystone passive in radius will transform in to. Using a Divine Orb will reroll the seed and name.

Generally speaking, the “travel nodes” which offer minor stat bonuses to things like Strength and Dexterity are either removed, randomized, or altered in a specific way, refer to the guide image below to see how that works.

Here’s a handy guide on determining how a given Timless Jewel works in POE 3.7:

Click for full size

Each faction has their own Jewels associated with them, and each one has their own associated Keystone. Check POEDB for a full list of the Keystones, and look for the best Keystones for your build. The particularly notable element of a Timeless Jewel, aside from the Faction it’s associated with, is the number found in the flavor text.

The higher that number, the more impactful the effect on Keystones in most cases. So while one Timless Jewel with 6000 in its flavor text can offer 10% Maximum Life, another with 15000 could offer double that or more. Although be very careful, as a Jewel that appears the same could have a completely different seed and result in completely different modifications to Passives in their radius.

If you want a more in-depth guide with examples, streamer Octavian put out a decent video on the topic.


Incubators are a special new item in Legion that have the potential to reshape elements of the crafting meta-game. They can be used to obtain rare Uniques that are not normally obtainable. They can offer rewards like Scarabs, Harbinger items and other League content. And of course, they can drop Currency, Maps and event 6-links. There’s even one for random Labyrinth Enchants, which is potentially a huge shift in the in-game economy.

Incubators can be applied to an equippable item, and after you kill a set number of enemies, the effect of the Incubator will proc and spawn a reward.

Incubator Name Incubator Effect Kills to Activate
Abyssal Incubator Adds an incubated Rare Abyss item to an equippable item
Blacksmith’s Incubator Adds an Incubated Unique weapon to an equippable item 2,000
Cartographer’s Incubator Adds an incubated Map item to an equippable item
Celestial Armoursmith’s Incubator Adds an incubated Shaper or Elder Armour item to an equippable item
Celestial Blacksmith’s Incubator Adds an incubated Shaper or Elder Weapon item to an equippable item
Celestial Jeweller’s Incubator Adds an incubated Shaper or Elder Trinket item to an equippable item
Decadent Incubator Adds an incubated Perandus item to an equippable item
Diviner’s Incubator Adds an Incubated Divination Card to an equippable item 500
Eldritch Incubator Adds an incubated Elder Map item to an equippable item
Enchanted Incubator Adds an incubated Enchanted Helmet item to an equippable
Fine Incubator Adds an incubated Currency item to an equippable item
Foreboding Incubator Adds incubated valuable Currency Shards to an equippable item
Fossilised Incubator Adds an incubated Fossil item to an equippable item
Fragmented Incubator Adds an incubated Fragment item to an equippable item
Gemcutter’s Incubator Adds an incubated Quality Gem item to an equippable item
Geomancer Incubator Adds an Incubated 6-Linked Armour Item to an equippable item 30,030
Harbinger’s Incubator Adds an Incubated Harbinger item to an equippable item 5,000
Infused Incubator Adds an incubated valuable Essence item to an equippable item
Mysterious Incubator Adds an incubated item to an equippable item
Obscured Incubator Adds an incubated Breach item to an equippable item
Ornate Incubator Adds an Incubated currency item to an equippable item 1,000
Otherworldly Incubator Adds an incubated Unique Map item to an equippable item
Primal Incubator Adds an incubated Talisman item to an equippable item
Singular Incubator Adds an incubated Unique item to an equippable item
Skittering Incubator Adds an incubated Scarab item to an equippable item
Thaumaturge’s Incubator Adds an incubated high level Corrupted Gem item to an equippable item
Time-Lost Incubator Adds an incubated valuable Unique item to an equippable item
Whispering Incubator Adds an incubated Essence item to an equippable item
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