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Check out how to take down the Legion Generals in Path of Exile 3.7

Path of Exile Legion

So some Path of Exile players have been

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With that out of the way, let’s dig into the Legion Generals.

What Are Generals?

There are five Legions in total, each representing a faction within the lore of POE. The Eternal Empire, Maraketh, Vaal, Karui and the Templar. These five factions each have their own unique enemy types and loot, and a big part of the mechanic in 3.7 is the Legion Emblems and the Domain of Timeless Conflict.

The Legions are each led by a unique General unit, which acts as a mini-boss for some Legion encounters. These don’t always spawn, but GGG has added a visual and audio cue for when they do. Listen for their distinctive voices. If you turn down background music, they may be easier to hear.

All of these General resist Chaos and Elemental Damage to some degree, so a pure Elemental build may have trouble DPSing them down at lower levels. All these bosses are immune to Knockbacks as well.

Queen Hyrri Ngamaku

The General of the Karui Legion. Her attacks deal Physical and Cold Damage.

She possesses an Aura that Chills and deals Cold Damage, so be careful of that. She’s a ranged fighter, but is often very stationary. Her attacks are either single-shot attacks with her bow or charged AoEs dealing a mix of Physical and Cold. Look out for the charge up of icey particles at her feet, that’s the single she’s about to unleash an AoE.

The most threatening attack she has is a tornado of Cold Damage that she spawn in a similar style to Aukuna, the Black Sekhema. These cold tornadoes can slow the player down and deal hefty damage.

Cardinal Sanctus Vox

The General of the Templar Legion. His attacks deal either Physical or Lightning Damage depending on the attack. He’s very slow moving, but has multiple very strong attacks that you need to dodge to survive. Leeching or facetanking through it will not be possible for his Shatter Shield attack that then spawns a beam of damage should be avoided for this reason.

He also possesses a Taser Net which deals Lightning Damage and stuns anything caught in it. The boss will usually follow these with Slams and Swipes that he’ll charge around before delivering. Keep an eye on his windups as they’re very easy to spot. His guardians are very weak and should be very easy to kill once they spawn with enough DPS, but make sure you take them out quickly.

General Marceus Lioneye

He is the General of the Eternal Empire Legion. His attacks deal Physical and Fire Damage.

His movement and attack style is focused on being fast and evasive. High movement speed and good twitch skill are a priority in keeping up with him, especially as a melee build. His primary attacks are all ranged so, keep mobile. His first big attack is a tracking Fire arrow barrage, this will immediately be followed by a Physical attack with another arrow shot. He can also call in an artillery barrage once below 90% Life, watch for the red glowing arrow in the ground.

When he rolls out of the way, be ready for an arrow attack that fires 1-3 arrows that apply a unique debuff. His big AoE attack takes advantage of this by helping him cover the area in Fire in a straight and wide line. Be on the lookout for the charging Fire arrow in his bow to spot this attack coming.

Aukuna, the Black Sekhema

She is the General of the Maraketh Legion. Her attacks deal Physical and Lightning Damage.

Her attacks and movement are pretty fast, making her a little more dangerous than other bosses in 3.7. She is also technically a two stage fight, as once her mount is killed, you must then kill her alone. Her mount has the ability to dbuff her target, before hitting with an arrow shot that deals Physical Demage.

She also uses a Lasso attack to immobilize the player and drain Flask charges, keep moving when you see her rear back to unleash this. Her biggest attack is a multishot barrage that spawns small tornado effects around her on hit. This is very damaging to anything standing in it. These tornado effects also blind sometimes, making it very hard to deal damage.

Viper Napuatzi

She is the general of the Vaal Legion. Her attacks deal Physical and Chaos Damage.

Her basic attack pattern is projectile spamming bombs that deal Physical and Chaos Damage. She will follow this with a series of novas that come together in a small area dealing more damage. You’ll see a small green glow at her feet when she charges the more powerful versions of these Novas.

Her AoE is also pretty nasty.  She has both a Collapsing Nova effect, watch for the green circles on the ground, and a series of these waves of Chaos Damage that she spams out across the entire arena. The worse version of this attack happens when she rises into the air. She will spawn projectiles around her that spew Chaos Damage and adds immune to damage. Move out of the way when she floats up or pay the price. The snakes this attacks spawns should be avoided until they disappear.

Also be on watch for the massive Spectral Vipers, these are also immune to damage and hit hard. Wait them out.

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