Should you break the goblin Sazza out of her cell in BG3?

Baldur’s Gate 3

After you’ve rescued the Emerald Grove from the goblin attack in Baldur’s Gate 3, the drama between the Tieflings and Druids is your next big problem. There are various sidequests, and even a new companion, to be dealt with here.

Deep in the Grove, behind a shabby wooden door, you will find Sazza the goblin being harassed by a crossbow-wielding Tiefling. You can intervene on her behalf, and you should if you plan to take certain story paths. If you help her escape, you will earn the trust of the goblins, but anger the Druids. And she promises to help you out. Goblins are pretty shifty, and not really to be trusted. So that leaves one question: Should you trust Sazza and break her out of her cage in BG3?

Should you break the goblin Sazza out of her cell in BG3?

You’ll find Sazza behind the wooden door located on the north side of the Tiefling camp. Complete the sequence with the Tiefling guard, and then speak to her to begin her quest. If you prevent the Tiefling from killing her—which you can do by passing a Persuasion or Intimidation check—both of the Tieflings will leave. Speak to her, and she’ll brag about having a powerful priestess in her tribe. Maybe that can help where the druids can’t? This dialogue will update the “Find a Cure” quest, giving you another thread of the plot to chase.

So what to do? You will need to sneak her out of the camp, and you certainly can’t walk her out the front door. The Druids and Tieflings will attack you on sight if you just try to leave the way you came in. But, there is a secret path to take after you release Sazza that solves this issue. vKeep reading to learn more about how to finish the quest. That said, should you do this?

Should you free Sazza from the cell?

The Druids in the grove won’t like this approach, but it can help you solve other problems. If you decide to become friends with the goblins, they will take in the Tiefling refugees and allow them to hang around. The druids might be keen to be rid of them, but this will cause other issues. If you choose to free Sazza from her cell in the Hidden Grove, you’ll be able to explore the goblin camp freely, but there are still consequences to this course of action.

There’s another problem with this approach, and that’s your companions. Lae’zel is one of the early-game companions that really hates goblins. Wyll also won’t be too fond of  If you plan to romance either of those two, you will want to be careful of how much you irritate them. This path of befriending the goblins will seriously harm your relationship with them both.

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Once you’ve committed to this course of action, you will need to be ready.

Clearing the way out

The path out of the Druid sanctuary is not free from danger, though. Wait until you’ve cleared the way before you release Sazza from her cage.

The first obstacle is to jump over the gap behind the cage. You won’t need a fairly high Dex to make this leap, as most of your party should be able to clear the gap. Once you do, head through the stone door and stop.

Walk just a bit ahead and you will notice a Guardian Statue to your right. This thing launches bolts every few seconds once you get into range. The damage is minimal, as long as you can save from the Explosion it also causes. Take your most dexterous character, rush past thee statue and interact with the glowing blue rune just past the statue. This will shut off the beams. Be careful not to go too far as you may trigger the troop of goblins trying to kill a Druid up ahead.

If you do enter combat, beeline for the rune and shut it off to allow your party to join the fray. There are a total of four goblins harassing you, defeating them with ranged attacks is advised if possible. Once they’re dead, drop a healing spell on the druid that’s down, and he’ll thank you and run off.

Climb the rocks to your left just before the ramp upwards. If you look up, you will see another Rune on the back of a pillar above you. If you go up the ramp past the goblins, you will trigger another Guardian Statute.

Release Sazza in BG3 by shutting off the Eagle Rune

Once you’re done with that, the path is clear out of the ruins. Head along the path past the second statue to get Sazza out. Once she’s outside, she’ll run off to the goblin camp to the northeast. You can then head there at your leisure and gain passage.

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