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Deep Silver showcases the open world in second dev diary for Outward

Deep Silver showcases the open world in second dev diary for Outward

Publisher Deep Silver and developer Nine Dots have released a new Developer’s Diary video for their upcoming RPG title, Outward.

Nine Dots is working to craft an immersive yet brutal in-game world, and this latest video features some nice touches the team is putting in to achieve that goal.

The game features a hyper-realistic world that includes both fantastical beasts and challenges, as well as the typical survival aspects of staving off cold and starvation. how players manage these requirements comes down to one thing, the backpack. Backpacks in Outward can affect your movement and attack speed, so prioritizing a pack size that offers synergy with your playstyle and build is extremely important. You might want to completely forego a backpack in tougher areas, returning later once the area is secure to loot and pillage.

It’s interesting to see how the team is taking normally benign aspects like inventory management and turning them into a strategic layer which many otherwise deep RPGs are missing. You won’t have endless backpack space in Outward, and it will become increasingly vital to pick and choose what you take on adventures as time time goes on. Each bit and bob you take on the road could replace a piece of equipment that might turn the tide of a challenge in your favor, and this might leave you in a pretty bad spot. I just hope that the balance is there so this potentially interesting design choice isn’t railroaded by minmaxing.

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The world also features multiple distinct regions, four to be exact, each with their own unique cultures, ecology, and enemy types. Players will also need to encounter and overcome the challenges offered by each region if they hope to survive in this action RPG.

Outward is scheduled for release on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Steam on March 26th, 2019.The Dev Diary #2 can be viewed down below.

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