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Star Wars Battlefront II has a huge update coming

Star Wars Battlefront II Celebration Edition

Star Wars: Battlefront II is getting a huge amount of new content, to coincide with the recent release of the Rise of Skywalker film. A lot of the incoming content offers a mix of content pulled either from the new film, or pulled from the larger canon. There are new characters and locations aplenty coming, so let’s dive into the battle and see what’s headed our way.

Luckily, EA and DICE have teased players with the full rundown of all the content via a new snippet of gameplay footage. This new batch of gameplay additions and other addons has been teased for a while. And yes, it will be included for free to everyone, including those who buy into the premium Celebration Edition which includes hundreds of bits of skins and other DLC.

Check out the full preview video for the update down below.

A new crop of bad guys comes to the game from the resurgent First Order. The Infiltrator Class Sith Trooper leads the charge into battle. in their striking red armor, they cut quite the imposing figure. These elite forces act as fast-moving shock troopers that take on the most dangerous missions for the First Order. But don’t be fooled, new reinforcements are coming right alongside them.

The lightning-quick First Order Jet Trooper can act as a ground-to-air attack wing, supplemented by the new Aerial Reinforcement systems in the update as well. These new units offer stiff resistance to the Resistance units opposing them, so expect some tough fights ahead. The new planet, Ajan Kloss, will be the setting for these fights. A lush and verdant jungle planet teeming with wildlife, Ajan Kloss is a nightmare from an offensive perspective. Defenders can melt into the dense brush at any time, and hit-and-run tactics would be favorable here thanks to said terrain.

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On the more cosmetic side of things, Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren are all getting film-accurate skins for this update too. Also, two new droids are coming to join the war effort as playable characters. BB-8 will fight on the side of the Resistance, while BB-9E joins the First Order side.

One final component to the update is the spiffy new Capital Sumpremacy mode. By calling back to the original Star Wars Battlefront 2 from the 6th console generation, EA and DICE are offering players a fully integrated ground-to-air battlefield. Players will first compete for dominance on the ground, largely to gain an advantage when the fleets above the planet engage.

Star Wars: Battlefront II is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

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