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All Temtem Types – Strengths and Weaknesses – Guide

Temtem is just Pokemon

Temtem is about collecting creatures and battling, very similar to the Pokemon franchise that inspired it. There’s tons of adventure to be had as the player gallivants across this new island chain, filled with more than 16o new monsters to catch and train, there’s going to be a lot to learn. One of the biggest thngs to learn for new players will be how battles work.

And much like the material that inspired Temtem, type advantage is a huge part of the battles in the game. For you new people, type advantage is a rock-paper-scissors style mechanic where each Temtem has an assigned mix of types that inform the element of their attacks, and also alter the damage they deal in battle. And just like in Pokémon, there’s a whole variety of different types, all of which interact in different ways. Some deal neutral damage to other types, others deal more or less damage to types they are strong or weak against respectively.

The game releases on January 21, 2020, debuting in Early Access at that time. The game will also have co-op in Early Access, and players can fully customize their characters. But Temtem does have some things Pokémon doesn’t, like housing. Players will be able to buy a house, decorate it, and invite friends over to hang out.

Temtem types are a complex mix of damage values, as there are 12 of them in all. You can use the chart below to determine these interactions in Temtem. The chart was made by Redditor Asura64 thanks to them.

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Here’s a basic breakdown of all the Temtem types that you can also make use of as well, if you’re more into reading out the list.

Type Strong against Weak against
Fire Nature, Crystal Water, Earth
Water Fire, Earth, Digital Nature, Toxic
Nature Water, Earth Fire, Toxic
Electric Water, Mental, Wind, Digital Nature, Earth, Crystal
Earth Fire, Electric, Crystal Water, Nature
Mental Neutral, Melee Crystal
Wind Toxic Electric
Digital Mental, Melee
Melee Earth, Crystal Mental
Crystal Electric, Mental Fire, Earth
Toxic Water, Nature Earth, Digital, Crystal
Neutral Mental
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